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I run for my mood. Do you?

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Years ago I tried running regularly, initially HIIT and down the line couch to 5k, but I really had to force myself to do it and could never stick to it for long. I didn't enjoy it much and my main reason was to be slimmer.

More recently, I started running maybe once or twice a month, usually to 'run off' some anger or because I wanted to go to the park. No pressure at all. I ran for as long or as short as I felt like. I loved the way it made me feel - free and strong and able - and how it got me close to nature which I love.

Then I fell into a depression. And I withdrew from my social life and hobbies, including my regular beloved dance classes. After the initial weeks of complete inertia I decided to start couch to 5k to help my mood and give me some sense of achievement amidst all the feelings of failure.

I really feel like I couldn't have started this or be maintaining it if I hadn't let go of all my pressured reasons for running (must have a flat tummy, should run because it'll solve my depression, should run for at least x minutes x times a week) and gotten in touch with how enjoyable it is without being a means to an end.

Now I'm on w6r3. I had a two week break when I had the flu, and didn't even have a fleeting thought of giving it up or being disappointed at having to take longer to finish. I'm still going through this depression, still not able to face the world, but this program has been a light in my darkness. Especially these forums - it feels really...connecting, to see shared experiences and support...like I'm not running alone.

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No your never running alone we are all here to listen and to give advice when needed so don't worry about anything keep running and hopefully give you some positivity good luck 😊😊

Running has helped me so much. It’s change my life. I started running beginning of the year. Before that I was taking a high dose of antidepressants as I to suffer from depression and anxiety. The running gave me some thing to do. I completed c25k in April. When I first started I was 18 stone I’m now 13.13st. Ok I did do SlimmingWorld as well but running helped me a lot. With my weight loss and my new hobby my intake of antidepressants has dropped. I now only take 1 in the morning and 1at night. I still have bad days but I can honestly say that I seem to get them when I’ve been lazy. Anyway if you ever need anything just message me and I will do my best to help you

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Running keeps me going. When depression hits

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Glad you can find a happy place through running and this forum. Good luck in your journey 🌺 oh I love the drawing.. did you do it?

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The benefits of this plan are endless..physical and mental. Many of the friends on here have it have had similar issues and find the running a huge support.

My own Black Dog is kept at bay with my runs...:)

We all run together...whenever and wherever we are...encouraging and supporting each other.

Very well done.

I found C25K after going through some tough times and felt no pressure to "achieve". Running has been a real help, and the people in the forums are a wonderful support.

Well done for getting to week 6.

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The effects exercise has on all aspects of your health cannot be down played. There's talk of your gp prescribing it now to help with people's mental health.

Keep in there we all have our reasons for going through this change.

Depression, l feel, is much misunderstood. It’s not something you can just “snap out of”. It’s somewhat of a downward spiral, but you know this. The thing l admire is the fact that you recognised your symptoms & found something that helps elevate your symptoms, not everyone does. I hope your story will inspire others. Wishing well both for your running & mental health 👍🏻

I started running to improve my depression and also because, going through the menopause, I wanted to make sure I was doing enough exercise to keep my bones healthy. I think it is helping both.

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What an excellent post! We need this up again a week or two into January.

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Great running. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I like just running with no other target than enjoying the run for what it is, and I think unloading any pressure on a run is a very good idea. Hopefully that light will grow and grow. Your virtual running buddies here will always be running with you. I feel the encouragement from this place while I’m out there, and I think about all of you guys. Happy running and merry Christmas.

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Running has completely changed my life because it's helped me mentally. I started C25K to give myself some 'me' time which I felt I'd lost by getting completely caught up in a really stressful job.

I now run 3x a week, love nothing more than a lovely 10k to clear my head and find I manage my stress and low moods much better because of that. There are of course lots of physical benefits too!

Good luck with completing the programme and getting in control of your depression 😊

Good morning Cinnamon. Just trying to summon up the energy for w2r1 this morning. I too have suffered depression- almost 2 years now and HATE THE PILLS !! Have come off them as they certainly weren’t making me happy. Time of year doesn’t help but even after only 1 week (although not overly enthusiastic ATM) I will plough on - and keep moving. Will want to get w2 out the way with Xmas eve and Boxing Day runs planned....


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Keep running, keep smiling........

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Running has definitely been a big part of helping me climb out of my dark hole and keeps me a much happier, more even keel person. I can feel the change when I can't run for a period of time. Although running has helped me so much and this programme made it possible to restart my running journey, these forums are what have helped to keep me running well past the C25k graduation and 10k graduation points. I'm glad you found this programme and forums. I hope it does for you what it has continued to do for me. Keep running, keep reading, keep posting and supporting others on their journey. Welcome to our wonderful running family.

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I’ve had several periods of depression and clinical anxiety over the past ten years and I know now that I will always be susceptible and watchful for symptoms. I was under threat earlier this week, funnily enough, but I went for my run anyway. Being out in the fresh air with no responsibilities except to do exactly what Sanjeev told me proved entirely therapeutic. Would recommend this to anyone x

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