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Gutted gets to graduation

They say nothing in life is easy and working hard gets you to were you want to be. Well today after 9 tough weeks filled with wisdom tooth extractions, hot weather illness, hospital visits and never having run in my life, I have finally gone and done it without needing to stop once, Week 9 R3 ticked off. Al. Of the above in the past would have been excuses that i would have used to prevenet me doing any activity. This time however this programme has helped me get through , it has provided me with a time to strenghten my reserve so that i could keep on going. As i have said before running is good for the head as well as the body . And with over 2 stone off the body is feeling great !!!! I ran a different route today whicvh basically meant i started very clsoe to home so on my return i was a little concerned for my neighbours because out of no where and surprising to me the tears started tripping me amd i havent stopped yet. I am crying because i feel brilliant and cant believe it but i am also crying for my mum who i cared for but passed away through cancer my sister in law who passed away as a result of a brain tumour and my husband who is in remission. I guess you all now know who my fisrt charity race will be for. Never felt able to do one before because knew i would nt be able to run it all but now i will complete one with pride. Sorry to let it all out on here but feel you have all been on similar journeys for one reason or another so will really get and understand this moment. Anyway now that is all out. Howbdo i get that graduation badge and how do i buy a metal pin badge cos boy do i want one. saw the link on here but cant find it now. To all you newbies out tbre , it has been said before but will say it again, believe in yourself you can do it !!!!

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Congratulations on your achievement!!! You must be so proud.

Like you, I will be running race for life soon and have found running to be a great distraction at a difficult time. I don't think I've ever felt quite so motivated.

I'm very impressed with your weight loss too :) I'm trying to lose weight but it's coming off sooooooo slowly. I thought all this exercise would help me but it doesn't seem to be :( any tips would be gratefully received.


Well done! Wooohoo and a yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

You get your Badge by clicking on the Get Graduate Badge in blue text to the right of your screen. Click on that to request your badge

Good luck with your Race for Life and I hope you keep running as it will help keep the weight off for good. C25k+ podcasts are the next logical step in your running and they will help take your running to a point where you can start thinking about going a bit further

Have fun!

Slowjogger You will lose weight if you keep running and be careful about what you eat.If the weight is not shifting then you need to give it a shove. You are consuming more calories than you are burning, so take a look at those eats with a critical eye to pinpoint what you're doing that you shouldn't be. My guess is you will already know but you just have to be bold and make changes. Eat healthily all the time. Ditching snacky foods saves cash as well as calories. They're no help to you health wise and you'll feel much healthier without them

Good luck!


Thankyou for yor comments. As regards the weight loss. I am a bit old fashioned in that no fancy diets just basic eat less, eat more of the rjght things, stick to between 1300 and 1600 calories a day and be as active as possible . The weght really has dropped off my diet is really good but i do have treats ,some wine some chocolate but have had no takeaways. The running has also made me feel like i wanted to eat the righht things. Have beckme a big fan of rice cakes which really fill you up as does cous cous topped with some grilled veg and matinated chicken orvfeta cheese. I have used the change for life smart recipes that i found on the internet. Every meal is calorie counted and all very healthy. Some tasty easy recipes on there. And i read the calorie content of everything i buy. Topped off with a heavy dose of will power it seems to have worked. Hope this helps and good luck


Brilliant. So emotional. You've battled some major obstacles showing your determination and grit.

Enjoy your moment. There will be more to come.

To get you badge on your profile. You should see a pinned post on the right of your screen called Graduation Badge July 2015. Click there and leave your name.


Well done! woo hoo! 😊


Aww congratulations! It brought a tear to my eye reading this. We do absolutely get what this means to you - I hope you are feeling rightly proud of yourself! Just the start of lots of lovely running adventures. Well done!


really well done on your achievements :D go get those badges and wear with pride :D


Thankyou for all your words of support. What a strange week it has been. I have completed my first three runs as a graduate and have decided i am now going to cvoncentrate on improving my running technique. Which my graduate pressie of new trainers should help with. I am still coming tlo terms with the fact that a sport i have always thought i hated and couldnt do is now my favourite way to pass some time and relieve some stress. What a strange world we live in, why did i not realise this sooner. My holiday is two weeks away and it would seem i stand a good chance of getting to do my beach runs followed by a dip in the cornish sea and brekkie in the beach cafe. I cant wait and never in my lifeb hought i would be looking forward to running on holiday !!!!


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