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W9R1 done on a treadmill today

W8R1,2 and 3 were done in the park, and in the Gloucestershire cull zone last week.

They were a bit of a comedy of errors as the first one had to be done by my watch as I still had the week 7 podcast on my MP3, the second one we ended up only running 18 minutes instead of 28 because despite the fact that the podcast started by welcoming us to week 8 it somehow segued into the podcast for another week (week 6?) and we ended up coming home early a bit confused. The third run of the week was done along the pavements where I was staying in Gloucestershire. I used Strava for the first time and it was fun to see the little map of my meandering run and see the breakdown of my times per mile. A mile in 12 minutes seems quite slow- not much over walking pace..? But Laura keeps saying that speed is not what this is about, so..

An old ankle injury has been bothering me this last week so I was taking it fairly steady and today I wasn't sure what to do but tried our new treadmill and managed to do 30 minutes (W9R1) without any problems; I think having the handle things mean that I was probably taking a bit of pressure off my ankle which seemed none the worse for it.

I got quite hot as I wasn't wearing my running stuff, was wearing jeans as hadn't been planning to run, but I was able to speed up a lot at the end, much more than I usually do, which surprised me but I did feel that the treadmill was easier than running outside tho I'm not sure why.

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I thought you were very plucky.... cos it was a bit like when we were at skool and realised we'd forgotten it was PE that day... :/ .. Kudos x

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Thank you! x


I can't run on a treadmill as it hurts my shins. I have just done Week 9 run 1 tonight and I am buzzing to say I can run 5k in 37 minutes. I couldn't run whatsoever 9 weeks ago. This app has changed my life for the better


I finally managed to download Strava last week and found out that in 28 minutes I was only running 3.8k, which I was slightly disappointed about but I was on pavements and my ankle was a bit sore so I expect when I am back in the park, ankle better and doing a full 30 minutes I should be a little closer to 5k!

Me too. I only started doing this by accident- my sister started doing it and the kids were doing it with her and then I joined in part way through week 2 when I was out walking the dogs.

I still don't enjoy the actual running but am amazed that whereas I was breathing heard after 3 minutes a few weeks ago I was able to run for 30 minutes today and not be out of breath- this program is amazing!


Agreed! I never thought I would get to the end and end up enjoying running. Having Spotify helps me as music is key to keep me motivated.

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I was listening to Alice in Wonderland at the outset of this as felt I needed a distraction from mental boredom which I find a problem when exercising, but when I did actually start using the podcasts I did think that the up tempo sort of music did help- do you have any recommendations for music that are good to run to, please? We are very close to graduating and I think motivation might be a problem after that so music might help :-)


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