Couch to 5K

W8R1 on the treadmill

Horrible morning today so I was on the treadmill. I covered 4.76km on W7R3 running outside so I was hoping to improve on that as the treadmill is certainly easier. I was able to have my lowest speed faster than last time on the treadmill and then after 8 minutes I upped the speed for two minutes, again at 18 minutes and again at 26 minutes so that my last two minutes were the fastest. In all, including the 5 minute walks at each end, I was delighted to find I'd covered 5.55km !! Hurrah !! I think doing the last few runs outside has toughened me up :-)

I think I deserve a Garmin.................

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Great running!

Just out of interest, what speed did you start your run at? I am new to treadmill running and I'm finding it difficult to work these things out as it's SO different to running outside.


I did my walk at between 6.5 and 7.0 kph then most of the run was at 8.8kph-9kph. My "fast" finish was at 10.5. 7.0kph as a walking pace is pretty much as fast as I can do without having to jog a bit !


Thanks sfb. By the way, I think you deserve a garmin too!!


Just been looking for an excuse really ;-)


You definitely deserve a Garmin :)


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