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Struck down by first cold in over a year = no HM in August

So my training was going great! I was mixing it up at the gym and i was sailing along well.

Saturday went off to a Vineyard to escape the city and went for a lovely run in the fresh air but only did 4km rather than my planned 12.1km but i wasn't worried. Sunday night i was feeling terrible but put that down to wine... got up monday and went for run again and it was lovely nice and slow and easy.

Then Monday night i felt a cold coming...Tuesday I felt awful and yesterday feel even worse. So I have now missed 2X12.1Km and i don't think going for a run with a cough and blocked nose is such a good idea and have even missed the gym.

So I have decided not to enter the HM - My longest run was 27th June for 16km and with the pollution levels been so high it not good to run outside. Plus having this sinking cold the first within a year So I have decided not to enter the HM in August. It makes me sad but its a tough route and i wanted to be 100% ready. I am tempted to enter the 15km instead, still tough route as it takes on the hill but maybe more doable.

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Sorry to hear you're not well :( 15k is still a fair distance so it'd still be a great achievement and there's always next year for that HM. Do what feels right for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery x


Oh no... hope you'll get better soon. The 15 km sounds doable... xx


Thank you, it has really caught me off guard. Hopefully next week back up and running.


Oh such bad news, Vix and bad timing. Still, these things happen and, if you don't give yourself time to recovery properly, they can hang around for a long time too. So I think you're very wise to scale back your HM plans for the moment. There'll be other races when you're feeling fitter and fully prepared. The 15k sounds like the perfect compromise. Good luck, Sweetie. Hope you feel better soon. 😷 xxx


Thank you!! I am feeling much better but still really stuck with the cold!! 😠 which means it's been 4 days and no running or gym, which I know is nothing but I am have now had my first dream about running. These new South American germs have got a tight grip on me usually UK cold over in a few days but still sneezing, blowing and coughing like a trooper. Like you say there will be other races and maybe it's just not to be!!


Ah Vix, sorry to hear that - how damned inconvenient!

Your plan to do 15k sounds wise and still a cracking distance.

Hope you continue to recover, take care

:-) xx


Thank you, its a bit of b***h this cold but i am now over the worse!!! Its such a lovely day it would be perfect for running I am not sure how well I would do not being able to breathe through my nose....I am slightly tempted. I have cheered myself up by putting new music on iPod and even got a interval training podcast.


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