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First run after graduation in the cold


So, having graduated a couple of days ago I thought I would take myself out for my first proper solo run where I was truly in charge. I was meant to go out yesterday but decided that at -5°C I would rather stay inside.

Today was the day. In anticipation of graduating, the other week I began to compile playlists on my phone which involved learning how to do it and asking numerous questions of 14 year old son who gave me a crash course in it :) I opted to run to my new favourite band, Bastille, today.

Even though today was cold it was creeping up to 0°C, I thought that I should be able to cope with it. As I don't have any thermal running gear I did the good old trick of putting on a pair of old tights underneath my running leggings, decided that a long sleeved top and my running jacket would suffice and out I went. The air was cold but nice. I had warmed up a bit in the hallway prior to going out so that the cold wouldn't hit me too much. I cut my 5 minute warm up walk short so that I could keep warm and off I went. I had Bastille on quite loud and had to remind myself at numerous points along the way not to start singing as I'm tone deaf and it would not be pleasant!

Near my nemesis (a bus stop) on this different route I started to get quite hot and tried to unzip my jacket but as I was running with gloves (14 year old's which are now too small for him yet fit me) I had to stop to take off my glove, unzip, put glove back on and carry on. That was it then as the gremlins started and before I knew it I stopped again to take a sip of water but then spoke to myself and carried on.

I had a rough idea of where I wanted to get to before stopping and doing my cool down walk. Strava said I ran 2.5 miles for 28 minutes. I felt pleased with that albeit I did pause for a couple of seconds as it was my first solo run away from Laura. I have to admit that I miss her encouragement I don't miss the music (except Julie of course ;) )

I still can't believe I am a runner!

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Well done you! Great job. 😊


But you are.. and a super one too :)

Togged up... out there, leaving those pesky gremlins to shiver and shake in the cold as you left them waiting for the bus that never came :)

Well done you!

Laura is always with us.. you will hear her whisper in your ear as time goes on.. she comes with me still, on many of my runs... :)

Well done Inspiredmum.. I know exactly what you mean..when you have your own playlist, you don't have anyone telling you how far you have gone and when to stop, so it feels harder to keep running. Keep consolidating that 30mins though. You could still do wk9 R3 again if you need Laura's encouragement.

There is also c25k + and the new Strength and Flex podcast to work on if you fancy it.

You are definately a runner now and in control...xx


Well done you. When I graduated I went out a couple of times 'on my own' and loved the fact I could listen to my own music. This week I have started the Bridge to 10K and although there is no Laura, I feel the structure of the programme will help me to progress to eventually run 10K - I have signed up for one in June in the French Alps. Whatever you decide to do next, enjoy it. Don't be too hard on yourself :-). Happy running.


Congratulations on your first run after graduating - here's to lots more of them! I think it's fine to have a couple of little pauses - I quite often have photo pauses, adjust number of clothing pauses, deal with stiles and gates etc, or just because I find walk breaks a good way to extend distance i can manage.

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