Three drowned rats, two cold men and a Mo-Run in Milton Keynes!

Three drowned rats, two cold men and a Mo-Run in Milton Keynes!

Another forumite partaking in a Mo Run here!

This was my first ever 10k event and it went really well. The event itself was great with loads of people in some brilliant fancy dress outfits all running for a good cause. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so brilliant with torrential rain and freezing cold temperatures but once you get going you don't notice.

My mum and son did the 5k together (both did fantastically well). I'm hoping that he'll get the running bug and start coming out with me more often.

Time wise I was 3 seconds off my target time but goddammit I had just run 10k when I struggled to run for 60 seconds only six months ago :) Apologies for the blurry photo but I had to include an action shot of some sort!! And it doesn't matter where I run I always manage to end up running in a big space by myself ... perhaps the other runners are trying to tell me something ;)

For anyone looking for an event to run in I can strongly recommend these for next year. This one was a really good balance of aptitude and a really nice vibe about it (even with awful weather). There was a decent number of people there to create an atmosphere but not too many that it felt crowded all the way round (some places at the start were a bit of a squeeze).

And for clarification the two cold men were my husband and dad who came along to cheer us on :)

So now it's a case of drying the trainers out and then onto the HM training plan :D


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20 Replies

  • Way to go frocky! Sounds like you had a good run despite the elements and it's fantastic you had your mom and son join for the 5.

  • Thank you, RWD! I appreciate that complaining about running in the 'cold' is a bit rich considering the temperatures you run in :D

  • Yay a fellow mo runner glad you enjoyed it. Oirs didn't rain but was foggy damp and muddy. Haven't got an action shot but debating to buy the one crossing the finishing line. Well done - its a great feeling and enjoy your medal.

  • Thank you! Well done on yours as well. Definitely buy the finish line one I say (ours aren't up yet). And, call me shallow, but the main draw for me was the medal :)

  • The medal is very very cool! BTW I did buy the photo it is very inspirational as I crossed the line with my friend. I also bought one with me on my own since it was my first 10k. What were your pics like? Congrats again

  • Perfect timing there with the photos for you then! I did buy my photo - I'm giving the old Paul McCartney 'thumbs aloft' at the end and I look absolutely soaked but I am smiling!!

    I can't wait to do it all again next year and hope you will be too :)

  • Well done Frocky! Looking really good in that photo!

  • Thank you! That's my grinning-through-chronic-stitch face!!

  • All in six months.....brilliant!!

  • Thank you! That is hands down the best thing about running, the progress that you can make regardless of where you start from :)

  • Great stuff Frocky!! Well done mate! Lovely photo, you look the part you really do. Big smile too, or is that a grimace? LOL

    We had a half marathon in these parts yesterday and it was mild!!! It must make it easier I would have thought.

    So, now a training plan for a HALF MARATHON. Sheesh! Whoda thought it ey. Here we are, on the couch one minute and running 10 ks and half marathons the next. Brilliant!

    I did it Frocky and so can you. I know it!

  • Thank you, MissW!

    That's me grimacing through stitch (again!!).

    I've adjusted my HM training plan based on my time yesterday and now the pre-conditioning phase is even slower :D

  • I have to be honest, I am missing the yellow finger-less gloves! ;)

    Well done. Superb effort!

    Shame the weather wasn't a bit kinder for you all.

  • My son stole them. Well, I say stole, *technically* they are his!

    And thank you!

  • Wow, fantastic achievement, I love the action shot! I also found myself in my own little island of space in my parkrun despite over 300 runners taking part, glad it's not just me!!! Well done you x

  • Thank you!

    And I am so relieved that it happens to you too. I'd first noticed it at several Parkruns as well and then, lo and behold, the same thing happened yesterday! I'm certainly not complaining as it's better then being jammed in a crowd.

  • Congratulations Frocky. :) To go from no running to MoRunning 10k in such a short time is a great achievement. The medal is fab isn't it. Bad news on the torrential rain but youre looking pretty fab in your photo.

  • Thank you, AM!

    Did you make it to yours in the end?

    My son has his medal hanging proudly in his room, he is so chuffed with it :)

  • It was touch and go but yes I did. I'm still trying to post about it but my posts keep vanishing lol :)

  • Oh that is good to hear! I look forward to reading the post - my replies keep disappearing as well so it's not just you :)

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