Well, I did it!

I finally completed my long awaited Week 9 Run 3! Graduate badge, please?

It has taken me a total of 16 and a half weeks. But hey, I completed it. And although the final run wasn't my best (I didn't sleep very well last night and had a bloated stomach despite not having breakfast before my run) I did it to the end. It wasn't a long mileage, but now that I know I can run for 30 mins without feeling wheezy, I can now go back to week 2/3 ish and try to speed up a bit on the running intervals.

I have race for life coming up and I look forward to it, although in this heat I am not sure I will be able to run it all!

Thanks to all of you for your support and posts, it has kept me going when I have felt down or had no motivation.

Keep going to those who have yet to complete it and well done to those who have. Together, we are one!


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  • Congratulations!

    Keep it up - I did it in 16 weeks too, and finished about one year ago - I went on doing week 9 runs for a couple of weeks, then did - and still do every now and then, the C25k+ podcast runs (you can find it on the NHS site)

    You can ask for your badge here:


    And keep posting!

  • Well done, feels good doesn't it!

  • Well done. Congratulations

  • Fab stuff Dotty ! Doesn't matter how long it takes , you got there and you did it !

    That makes you a winner in my book !

    Many Congratulations to you xxx

  • Well done you. Such a great achievement and you know what you want to move on to. Keep up the good work x

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