I did it!

Yay......I finally completed week 9 run 3 on Saturday morning, although my last run was

3 minutes slower than run 2 which took me 38.39 minutes to do 5k.

I have been training for 2 days a week with a group and have noticed that I run faster

with them than I do when I am on my own.

I am amazed that I have got this far because I struggled to even run for 1 minute then and

could not imagine running for this long!

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  • Well done on completing the programme, hope you were celebrating last night? Remember and ask for your graduate badge - you deserve it :)

  • Thanks lizziebeth57 :) Yes it is certainly something to celebrate! I have just asked for my badge :)

  • Congratulations on graduating. It feels great, doesn't it ;) Also well done on covering 5k, another great achievement and I'm sure your times will improve :) Good luck.

    PS Great photo, too. One to keep ;)?

  • Thanks paul2014 :) It sure does! I am going to work on my speed and try and do 5k in 30 minutes or less. Haha yes I think I will be keeping the pic :)

  • Congratulations on graduating!!!

  • Thanks Vixchile :)

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel amazing!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner :) Yes I can't believe I have managed to run for over 30 minutes after struggling for just 1 minute 9 weeks ago!

  • Congratulations :) well done

  • Thanks Net68 :)

  • Congratulations nellienoo. It's a great feeling isn't it! Happy running :)

  • Thanks AncientMum :) Yes it feels brilliant :)