Couch to 5K

Slow getting out this morning and had to visualise Danzargo thrashing his legs to get through the heavy muscle phase! Kept me chuckling! :)

Battle with the duvet was really tough this morning (Still reading at 3.30a.m. so tired!) When I eventually made it to the living world I found my muscles were really sluggish and heavy. Not had wine for ages - maybe that's partly why? Danzargo's post about giving his legs a hard time and thrashing then made me chuckle, I relaxed and all was fine. Thanks Dan :)

We have very strong wind here today which is challenging! I ran Stamina as usual and ended that by the outdoor gym. Did that and then saw that my fave run by the river was no longer muddy. YAY! Set off and had the most joyful run along the river bank on compacted mud to Speed (but only walking the slow bits)

It was a really lovely run and it feels good!:)

I have been finding running on tarmac all the time is taxing so I was glad to run on the softer compacted mud surface.

Happy running everyone!

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Well done Beek! I was running on a bit drier mud today as well. Better than sloshing about int it.

I felt rough after reading til 2.00 am too!!!! I'd been to a party too and ate lots of things I don't normally touch. Glad I went running though. Mind you I always am. Are you?


Thank you! I had finished my book club book last night but not ready to go to bed. Fiddling with the Kindle I thought I would look at Kindle store - never done it from the Kindle before - and downloaded a book Fast Exercise by Michael Moseley (he of 5/2 diet fame) It's really interesting, recommending HIIT routines so I stayed up really late reading. (One point he kept making was getting enough sleep is essential :( )

I do enjoy my running now :) :) :) . I didn't at first though!


Just call me Doctor Dan! Hahaha! Nice one Beek. The river run sounds fabulous. I must try and find some compacted mud.....


Well done Beek - maybe treat yourself to some sleep though - and if that glass of wine helps then perfect ;)


Thankyou. Yes, once I get my hooked in a book I tend to keep on with it until it's finished. I am trying to read up and understand about food/weight and exercise but there are so many contradicting points of view. At the end of the day it should be moderation in all things, and seek the pleasure in them!

Got half a bottle of a cheeky little red for dinner tonight :)


Ah yes, I do enjoy a glass of red - post one here for me please! Best wishes and glad you enjoyed what sounds like a wonderful run.


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