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W6R2 Lunchtime run, what a disaster!

Had the day off today and decided to do my run at lunchtime in this beautiful sunshine. What a disaster! Normally I run in the safety of dawn after coming home from work. So today I left the woolly hat at home and exchanged long sleeve with t-shirt. Also took on a route along the country side for which my normal runs are a bit unsuitable due to the lack of daylight. Okay off we go. Wow, wouldn't have expected that the sun makes such a difference. The first bit was still in shadowy area but as soon as I hit the open space the sun just became too much. I managed about eight minutes of the first run but the second run I managed even less. So I made the best of the situation and continued with a fast walk back home. I am a bit disappointed now but I will give this run just another go to my usual running time in the evening and hopefully also adopt slowly to warmer running conditions with the usual change of weather and daylight in the coming weeks.

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Following to see what the post-grads advise!

I'm dreading the warmer times too :( I'm in central Scotland so the bright yellow thing hasn't been too much of an issue but what do others do?

I tend to head out around 9.30am once dropped kids at school but even at 5 degrees I'm beading sweat at the end, nae hope for the summer!!


Okay... can I come to live with you if you are getting warm sunshine?

Have felt it warm on my face, but not significantly enough, to make me shed my layers..

Good luck with the run though anyway :)


Everyday's a school day. Running in the cold, in hot sun, in rain, wind, drizzle, lashing rain and all the other myriad weather types we get here (except those of you i Scotland of course - leave out 'hot sun' from that list) are all different and take a bit of getting used to. But hey, that's all part of the running life's rich tapestry. If you want climate controlled monotony, run indoors on the hamster wheel, I mean treadmill...

It all seems a bit more pronounced when you are strating out, largely because it is new and you are having to struggle a bit to progress anyway.

Actually my frst statement was incorrect. Today was not a school day. My children's school had an inset day for the teachers to eat doughnuts and gpssop slanerously about parents. I did not realise this until we got to school.

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I like to run in rain and cold conditions. Always preferred the cooler climate. Never visited a hamster wheel yet and not planning to with the nice outdoor in front of my door step. As you said it's all just getting used to.


I run early in the morning, so tend to avoid the real heat. It CAN get quite hot here in Munich (if it wants to) and then I just turn into a puddle of sweat. But then I used to do that doing nothing a couple of years ago. Last year I did a lot of walking and sweated buckets in the process, this year I intend to run and see what happens. I actually quite like coming back drenched and exhausted - at least I know I've had a work-out. Obviously avoid running at midday, I wouldn't want to collapse. But I think the body gets used to it and I'm starting early enough in the year to give myself time to adapt. Well, that's the theory anyway.


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