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Now that I can do 30 minutes run without dying, I am slowly adding on minutes and this morning did an extra 10 minutes. So 40 minutes all told. I had decided to carry on just a bit and see, and then my mind went somewhere and before you know it, bang, an extra 10 minutes. The good part is that I could have gone even longer but I knew hubby would probably have breakfast ready. The hard part was trying to climb the ridge through the rocky goat track to reach our camping spot. I had two days rest before that so maybe it helped to run longer. Or is it because my brain got busy with other thoughts? And I wasn't there but on a different planet? Either way it is great. Ps: I am also starting to do squats. Hope this help.


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  • Well done! I think I'll try adding minutes when I graduate. W9R1 for me today - feeling fitter than ever!

  • Fantastic. So close now

  • Good for you!! It's great when that happens and you 'lose' yourself a bit, isn't it? Keep up the good work! x

  • Thank you

  • Be careful running up slopes and hillocks. You can get a crocked ankle when your ankle is doing acute angles. I'd walk those I really would. Try stopping and checking it when you next attempt one, and you'll see how close to your leg your foot can be. If you're doing that while running, with weight on it, then you can soon hurt yourself. I learned the hard way. As you get stronger you can do this stuff. So, carry on with the squats and all the other things that make you a stronger runner. It all takes time of course so don't overdo things at this point.

    I've been running for 2 years nearly but have ended up really hurting myelf and am sitting here with an ice pack on my leg and can hardly walk let alone run.

    So, take care out there x

  • Ouch! Thanks for the advice, I am taking it on board.

  • I think everything changes once you can do 5k comfortably. I suddenly found a good pace and a good breathing pattern and everything came together. I moved to doing 10k (probably too quickly) and it seemed like I could run forever. Of course it's not that easy, but you seem to be doing everything right.

    Squats too! I must start doing squats.

  • I haven't managed 5 K yet 😩, so far 4.76 but getting there. I think doing 5k will be another achievement and I will give myself a medal 😉

    Actually we should ask the administrators to organise something for when we reach 5k for real, then 10k then....... Wouldn't that be wonderful ?

  • Have you tried looking at ?

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