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Tale of Two Runs

So first the factual stuff.

Went out this evening and completed 6.67 miles in 59 minutes 26 seconds. Saved my run as the phone was playing up recently, then carried on so I had a record. Second part of the run was 3.74 miles in 41 minutes 1 seconds.

So that's 10.41 miles or 16.75 km in just over 1 hour 40 minutes.

Now the tale.

The first part of the run was fast and my second mile was under 8 minutes with the 5k just over 24 minutes.

The second part of the run was a lot slower but I had that I could keep running feeling so did and thought I'd try for 10 miles as my furthest previously was 7 miles and hey, why wouldn't I be able to run as far as I wanted...?

Noticed that the light was fading and some pain from my chest but determined to get to 10 miles so carried on. Made the distance then started to think about 20 km. How cool would that be...

Looked up and noticed my daughters had come to get Daddy and they duly gave chase as I rounded the corner. Funny bit was they couldn't catch up so I stopped. Not so funny bit was they asked what that stain was on my top.

Looks like that pain I'd ignored was bleeding.

Made a joke of it and we went home but am paying for pushing myself and slightly sore. I was wearing two tops so maybe that contributed.

Very pleased that I made 10 miles, would have loved to get to 20 km but lesson learned. Anyway, a warm bath, tasty fish pie and red wine later it's not too bad but would like to avoid it in future.

Has anyone any tips about avoiding sore bits as I imagine I can't be the first and that perhaps this is something that I would need to think about if running for longer distances ?

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Firstly well done, fantastic achievement for you....that's a great time too.

Secondly I'm hoping you meant the bleeding was from rubbing?? I get this on long runs and I am exploring creams, different tops, strapping etc..... Anything else you must get checked out .... And well done again!!!!


I'm guessing it was rubbing so yes and thanks :)


This may help (but I'm really really not sure about the superglue advice...)


Thanks for the link and yes, I think superglue might be pushing it.


You have to wonder what kind of person it was that came up with that - wakes up one day and 'thinks my nipples were sore last time, so I'll put something on them - er, cream, nah, plaster, nah, superglue, yeah baby...' 8-O


Clearly someone who's having problems keeping it together...


Isn't it amazing howwe can do so much more than we think we can? Very well done. On the chafing, I get this, but only one one side, and only when it's been raining. plain plasters work for me ... but only if I remember to put them on!


Thanks Malcy and yes it was mainly on one side. I thought this was something that happened to distance runners but guess it's a sign to start treating it more seriously if I'm going for a longer run.


Having just achieved my first five mile run it is great to hear from you guys who are a bit further ahead. Congratulations.


Cheers and well done on the 5 mile run.


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