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W3R1 done and dusted. And I feel EPIC!

I can't believe that I ran for THREE WHOLE MINUTES ........ TWICE!!!!! And I did not die! My chest felt like it would explode. I wanted to stop - but Laura said "it is very important that you complete the run", and she was right. It helped when she told me when I had run halfway, then I just kind of zoned out and let my legs go into auto pilot.

My legs felt like they could have run for longer - all I need to do is to get my lungs to allow me to breathe. But given that I have been on and off this programme since W1, I am really amazed and proud to have run for the whole three minutes .... twice! OMG! Me running! OMG!!!!

It is amazing how your stamina and endurance build up - as Laura mentioned. I think a lot of is in the mind. My mind is saying "What are you doing woman! Stop this running at once - go home and have a cup of tea, before you collapse in a heap. You are not going to run a 5K any time soon - so get real girlfriend!" But there is another part of me that knows I can do this - especially having been on this site and hearing all your amazing achievements.

I did not brave the cold outside. I did it on the treadmill, with a 2% incline. Although I would love to run outside, I still feel a bit self-conscious and I am still icky about dog poo and other nasty things on the pavement (plus it is rubbish collection day here so I did not fancy leaping over recycling tubs).

Today I made sure to position myself more in the middle of the treadmill so that I could get a longer stride. That felt much better than when I was positioned so close to the console - to the point that my feet were nearly touching the edge before. I also added a 2% incline, rather than running flat. That was much better too.

My husband has said he will run with me in the park on Saturdays. Today's run has boosted my confidence so much. So perhaps I will stick to the treadmill for my three runs each week, then run the last run of the previous week for my Saturday outside run. I will do that until I can run comfortably on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes at a good speed on an incline.

So there it is little old running me! For three minutes ..... TWICE! I am so proud of myself : )

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Fantastic!! Well done mummyluvsyoo!!

keep going and you'll be running for a full 30 minutes in no time at all!!



Thank you!


I can't believe I am running 25 minutes outside. I was and am so self conscious too. But when I am at it and at the end I feel so good. At the end I think I strut my cool down walk! Five people I know have seen me running. I didn't notice two who told me later and were very nice about it. I fealt good saying hi to the others. I've had three random strangers being encouraging. This running thing is a thing. Watching CNN covering hurricane Sandy did you see runners in the evacuation zone in their gear running? I am bitten by the bug because I ran 10 minutes of my last session in the wind and rain. you keep going. Your cardiovascular breathing with get trained just like your legs in time. Depending how fast I start, my breathing takes time to get a rhythm. For me, after 5 min of running I get breathing comfortably. As soon as I push it or get on a up or down, my cardio changes with it.


Wow - I can't wait til I am able to run for 25 minutes non-stop! And outside too..... Well done to you : )


You are epic well done, it is a big achievement. Keep going soon you will be running 30 mins without stopping, I didn't think I would ever be able to but I can now thanks to Laura and the encouragement on here. Keep running inside or out it all counts:-)


WELL DONE YOU!!!! :-) You can do this! Each run will amaze you as you progress. I was physically ill after a few of my first runs and so totally wanted to give up. Keep convincing yourself you can do it...this is way more mental then physical. Looking forward to an update! Gayle


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