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Moving forward

After struggling with motivation after the programme finished, with the advice of the lovely people on here I have sat down and forced myself to make a new plan. Something to help keep me going, to get me out the door again.

Here it is:

week 1

5k run / speed podcast / 5.2k run


5.4k run / speed podcast / 5.6k run

Week 3

5.6k run / speed podcast / parkrun

Week 4

5.8k run / speed podcast / 5.9k run

Week 5

6k run / speed podcast / jog Scotland One Big Weekend 5 k run (going to do it in under 30 minutes, that's my aim anyway ! )

Week 6

40 minute run / Stamina podcast / 40 minute

Week 7

45 minute run / 45 min / parkrun

Week 8

50 minute run / 45 min / 50 min

Week 9

55 min / 58 min / 58 min

Week 10

60 minute run x 3

Will hopefully by the end of it be close to the 10k mark, if not my next plan will be to get to 10 k, then to do 10k in an hour. :-) wont know how my speed will be on the longer runs until I've done the runs, so i will have to wait and see.

Now that's a plan ! If I stick to my plan I will finish on my birthday. So heres hoping I can do this.


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Sounds good! It's good to have a plan isn't it? I've already started thinking about what I'm going to do when I finish in a couple of weeks.

Only thing I would say is you could perhaps make the jumps between runs a bit bigger? Remember in week 5 of C25K when we jumped from 8min runs to 20mins no problems? I reckon you could do the same here? The fitness is definitely going to be there. See how you go maybe but if it were me I'd add 0.5 k per week- it's only an extra 500 metres. So, week 1- 5km x 2 runs, week 2- 5.5 km x 2 runs, week 3- 6km x 2 runs etc. Unless you specifically wanted to be running 6k after 5 weeks?

The 60 minute run is my goal too! Let me know how you get on. Have fun with it!


Hey, Ye I may do just that I was a little shy with the extra distance, lol

the thing I really want to focus on is getting my speed up at the start because I want to get my 5k time under 30 minutes, before I do the one big weekend run at the start of August, my best at the moment is 34 minutes. so that's why I was a bit conservative with the increase in distance at the start. Then after that run is done and dusted I want to get the distance increased.

I could always focus on my speed until I get to the 5k then slow down for the increase in distance at the end (the last 0.5 of a k) Every little bit more of exercise will probably help the overall fitness goal ? :-)

Yeah its a good idea, I love a plan :-) I wished i'd done one before the end of c25k so I could have kept the momentum going, that's my one and only regret.

Good luck for your runs :-)


That's an impressive plan- well done you!!!


That's a good plan and you can always progress to longer distances/times a bit quicker if you are finding it easy. I found running longer distances a big help when I tried to increase my 5km time. I have run 10km twice now and when I ran 5km on the weekend I was able to up my pace and keep it up for longer. I think this is due to increased fitness but almost because after running 10km a few times it doesnt seem too bad to run 5km at a faster pace.


That's good to know. I never thought of it like that. Thank you. I think il do that.


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