W8R3 completed! :)

W8R3 completed! :)

Hey guys/gals,

Well, that's my week 8 now completed and I'm venturing into the final week in a few days time. I can hardly believe it, but it's true! :)

I completed my 3rd and final run of week 8 earlier today but I was due to do it yesterday as I had already had my two rest days but yesterday was a miserable day outside and not only that because I worked an extra shift on Saturday night I didn't actually get home and into bed until around 7am! Therefore, I didn't wake up until around 4pm and it was getting dark again, so I decided to put it off until today.

I went to bed a bit earlier than usual last night and managed to get up while it was still AM and after having some breakfast I ventured out for my run. I must really admit that I wasn't actually looking forward to it again and would've rather not had to do it but I couldn't really put it off any longer as I had already delayed it from the day before! I couldn't leave it until later in the afternoon either as I had another property viewing to do as well as an appointment with a mortgage advisor, so it was now or never.

I am not sure why I struggled with this last run but I did. I followed the same route I have done before but on the slight inclines I encountered I felt like I was about to flounder and really had to dig deep in order to continue. Was it because I had 3 rest days this time or was it because I know this is my 3rd and final run of week 8 and my next run will be on my final week of the C25K plan? I just don't know. As I was on the last part (and *really* struggling) I was praying for Laura to pop up and announce I had only 1 minute to go until the end, when she did indeed pop up but actually announced I had 5 minutes left!! What!!? No? You can't be serious...I'm about to collapse and you tell me I have 5 more minutes of this torture to go!!? At that point, my heart almost stopped beating.

Anyway, my poor overworked little heart did carry on beating and I am *really* pleased to say that I did manage to complete it (don't ask me how!) and as you can see from my run log I ended up covering 3.57km in my 28 minutes of running, which is a PB and surprises me because I thought I was going so much slower on this run. Maybe I've just answered my own question previously? :D


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  • Well done!

  • Ta! :)

  • Oh this is great Lee, Well done !

    Yep, sometimes you've just got to dig deep , that's where the mental strength aspect comes to the fore . It really feels great to push through the voices in your head telling you to stop doesn't it ?

    Youre on the home strait now , no stopping you . Next stop, Graduation Week ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah! :)

    Thanks poppypug. Yes indeed it feels great...but only after it's over and I'm cooling off in the shower! :)

    I know...just 3 more runs to go. Mad or what? :) x

  • It's a great feeling to finish a run when you really really want to give up. Sometimes having 3 rest days can be better for you, although after a couple I start thinking about going out again.

    Nearly there...:-)

  • Thanks!

    So true mate! :) I'm just really pleased I did have the mental strength to battle on to the end...or is it still simply because I'm such a stubborn ol' git!? ;)

  • That's fantastic! You're on the home stretch now :) I was a bit like that today.. I wondered if I could manage it but I thought.. nope I'll keep going until I fall down lol. It feels great when you've knocked those gremlins away and completed it doesn't it :) Well done!

  • Thanks! :) Yeah it feels good afterwards, but not at the time!

  • Well done you last week left , I didn't run today shoulders and neck painful and flu symptoms ... I thought I'd have to leave work ... I'm off tomorrow night venture out at some stage planning an early night ....

    Congrats on PB my 3rd run was tough

  • Thanks for that. :)

    Yeah, I thought this running lark was supposed to get easier!!?

  • Well doneπŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ3to go wow a great achievement x

  • Thank you! :) x

  • Excellent run, well done Lee337 only three runs to go! πŸ… Time soon 😊

  • Thanks Flossie22 :)

  • Well done. Sooooo excited to read your next 3 posts eek! :D :D :D

    Get that graduation badge ready...

  • Thanks Miller2 :)

  • Week 9 here you come! It was probably your pace that made it more difficult, that's quite fast for pre-graduation. Keep it up, for some reason I found week 9 to be easier than 8 (motivation, end in sight, who knows).

  • Thank you ench0 :)

    Yeah, looking at all the logs once I got back, I thought exactly that! Maybe I need to slow down even more.

  • Nah, challenge yourself so maybe you'll do 5K on your graduation run. πŸ˜† You got this. Start slow and increase as you see fit, not gasping for air. My graduation run was at 8 min/km pace, I felt I could do faster, but didn't want to chance it. Ended up doing 5K.

    Now, almost 2 months later, I can do 6:30 min/km on my 5K.

    Edit: 2 months, not 1.

  • Nice one. For now, I will just run as I usually do and check out the timings/distance afterwards, up until I graduate, then I will start to set targets to aim for I think. I don't wanna injure myself! :D

  • That's really great news Lee337 - can't believe that you've only got 3 more to go until the Big G. Big up matey - soon be the other side :-) x

  • Thank you dereham-girl :) I'll soon be on the otherside wit 'cha! :D x

  • Go Lee! :) Your Graduate chair awaits! :)

  • Thank you John! :)

  • Well done Lee337, although you did forget Laura's golden rule - don't go too fast! That would be why it hurt so much! Well done on a fantastic time. You are going to graduate so well next week!

  • Thanks Tailsmo :)

    Well, I can assure you that I didn't go too fast on purpose. I guess I'm subconsciously trying to get to that graduation before I actually deserve to! :D

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