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Overcoming fears

Hey everyone! I'm new! 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after the birth of my second child and for a long time I was just so scared. Most people don't know what my condition is and confuse it with osteo arthritis but it's an autoimmune disorder.

Anyways, recently my doctor gave me the go ahead to try running and it's been fabulous. I've been doing the program for the past month and a half and my god I feel amazing. I hope I'm able to continue the program and so far I'm ex teem

Y proud of myself. I never thought this would be a possibility.

Whatever our barrier I'm so proud of all of us for trying. It's hard, oh man it's hard but it feels so damn good :)

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Well done M42 - it does feel good, doesn't it?


Hey mommy4two

Welcome to the club. I too have an autoimmune disease. Not yet diagnosed as too exactly what, but confirmed with a raft of abnormal blood tests. Flummoxed the rheumatologist. I had lots of joint pain and extreme stiffness and recurrent inflammatory problems with my eyes. Scans and test galore , including full respiratory assesessments for breathlessness and no medication that appeared to help.

So I too gently eased myself into running, with c25k. I get the fear factors but I believe we are doing the right thing

I graduated last November, I am nearly 3 stones lighter, blood pressure normal, the breathlessness gone, I think it didn't relate to medical history, I was fat and unfit. Joint pains much better, just first thing in the moring now. No medication now. I feel great.

I even do hill interval traing every Tuesday. I have managed some pretty quick run times too. I am also in a mixed team for a tough mudder.

Be proud and keep going, it will make the world of difference, you will get relapses, but I hope like me, they won't be too bad. Keep,posting - ignore the bad runs and focus on the good. Also be brave - push yourself, not too hard but don't give in.


Sorry to hear about your RA but welcome to C25K :) It is an amazing programme and running does so much for us all. Some (like me!) just plod along every so often, some are running marathons, but we all started with those 60 second runs! All the best with it, and let us know how you get on.


Hey, congratulations on taking that first step! I spent last year recuperating from a serious illness just after the birth of my second child and I remember feeling like I would never regain my strength, my self. I agree, the fear that comes with illness is immense, but running is a fabulous way to overcome it! (W9R1 down, two to go)

Forza, Mommy4two!


WEll done peeps. This C25k programme is the bees knees and will help no end on the road to recovery. Go steady though. Slow but sure, nice and slow, easy does it.

It's very relaxing, specially if the weather's kind, and gently jogging along with your mind elsewhere is just lovely. You can just lose yourself for a bit. Bliss!


My Dad's RA would probably never have been diagnosed five or six years ago if he hadn't been a runner! He's still running (at 82)


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