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W5R2 - Hot and Humid

Well we did it! Definitely hard work by the end of the second 8 min run, but we were trying to push ourselves.

Sports day update: so many girls entered the 800m that names went into a hat and my daughter wasn't picked 😞 But looking on the bright side, it's good that so many girls are enthusiastic about running, and a few weeks ago she wouldn't have been disappointed not to run it.

We are thinking about entering our local race for life which falls at the end of week 8. It will give us something to aim for and it won't matter if we need to run/walk it.

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Ooh yes ! Definitely do the Race for Life, women's running for everyone.


Thank you - I think I'll be signing us up over the weekend, and ordering some t-shirts!


Sounds like there are 2 brand new enthusiastic runners in your house all of a sudden! Brilliant! Think you'd better enter that RFL - everyone seems to LOVE them!


Thanks! I've heard the atmosphere is great at race for life and might be what we need to inspire us to keep running over the summer.

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Well done you, I managed it to tonight, what an achievement. I have done 3 race for life's ( in a previous fitter life!) and the atmosphere for every one has been amazing - definitely do it. I wish they had an equivalent where I live. Well done girls, keep up the good work and roll on Friday!x


Thank you, remembering week one, I can't believe how far we have come. Roll on Friday!


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