W5R2 * 2 = Southampton Parkrun

I decided to incorporate my Week 5 Run 2 into a Parkrun this morning. I was so slow that I managed to do the whole run twice! 

I was running with the tail runner the whole way round - she was extremely supportive - many thanks!!

That last (4th!) 8 minutes was extremely difficult, but somehow the cheers and support of the other runners at the end kept me going past the end of the 8 minutes to the end of the run, and somehow I found a sprint at the end!

I was 773rd out of 778 in a time of 48m - there is a lot of room for improvement there, but I feel great for finishing, and the park was so beautiful this morning in the sunshine that there's nowhere else I wanted to be!!


5 Replies

  • Good for you tackling parkrun early in the programme - good luck with run 3!

  • Fantastic you! And yay! Go parkrun, go parkrun, go parkrun - I'm a convert (can you tell?😄😄😄😄) 


  • Well done you! :)

    If you thought it was fun today, just wait til you get your first pb...

    Saturday's will never be the same again.

  • Well done , parkrun is so supportive for all abiliies 😊

  • Wow...congratulations ! parkrun is addictive and now you've got a time to aim for there will be no stopping you !

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