Death or Garmin!

I can report that I am now definitely a runner! There I was this morning, pootling along on a narrow old railway trail high in the Derbyshire Dales. It was sunny, there was cow-parsley to either side of me, a skylark up above singing away, no one else around for miles, - until I looked up and was confronted by the front bumper of a massive 4x4! Did I dive for safety into the cow-parsley? No - I must be a runner now, because my first thought was not to save my life but to think, "PAUSE THE GARMIN!" He stopped, you'll be pleased to know, and I squeezed past without losing more than a couple of seconds :)


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31 Replies

  • Oocha. I wonder who got the bigger shock?

    Glad he stopped!! ☺

  • To be fair, I wasn't paying much attention because it's not supposed to have any vehicles on it at all. It's so narrow I'm surprised the thing fitted - he must have been scraping the sides! I reckon he was being a bit naughty and not going through his fields. He probably saw me before I saw him - but I'm glad he stopped too, thank you!

  • go careful, that sounds lethal!!

  • No, no, don't worry - I was crawling along as usual (slowest runner in the known universe) , and he was going very slowly, so I'm exaggerating and there wasn't any real danger :D but I just thought the Garmin thing was funny!

  • That's brilliant! I grew up right near the High Peak Trail and totally wish I still lived there so I could do my running along it. :-)

  • It is lovely up there, isn't it? I was up at Minning Low this morning :)

  • I know it well! We used to cycle from Black Rocks (5 minutes' walk from my then house) right along the trail and back as kids :-)

  • I was looking out at Black Rocks today - I went to the Open Gardens at Middleton-by-Wirksworth, and one garden had the most fantastic view straight over to Black Rocks! Lucky you growing up round here - I hope it's as nice where you are now :)

  • It's Crewe... ;-) Heading back to Wirksworth next month for an anniversary day at my old school and really looking forward to it, but only there for the day so I won't have time to nip up to the trail for a run, sadly!

  • Shame - you'll have to come back one day for a run!

  • I'll probably be there. I'll be the one crying buckets about all sorts of things including the head leaving. My sons go there - my younger son has just about left and my running is being seriously dented by the hassle of sorting out what happens next. It is rare for a child with his diagnosis to remain in mainstream school but this one is not your average school. My other son leaves next year, for university unless things go pear shaped (open days also taking a toll on my running, even though there's a heck of a lot of walking)

  • It's a wonderful school and always was! (I was there 1983-1990). A few of my teachers, including my tutor, are still there. The head who is leaving was a very new maths teacher in his early 20s when I first went there - he is lovely and it is such a shame he is leaving.

    They're doing a cross country run apparently - I thought about joining in but decided to just enjoy the day gently instead! ;-)

    Good luck with your sons, especially the younger one while you sort out what happens next for him. I have worked as a 1-1 TA and also have some experience of 'interesting' educational difficulties as a parent so know how crucial it is to find the right placement. Maybe we can meet up and say hi (I'll bring tissues ;-) )

  • Blimey and I thought running in the countryside was safe! Your tag looks quite at home on a running forum!

  • Ha ha - hadn't spotted the tag! I'm pleased to tell you that it's inaccurate :D

  • Ha ha ! Yep , a sign of a true runner Annie - before anything else , pause the Garmin ! Tee hee xxx

  • I'm sure there's a t-shirt you can get with 'If I fall over, pause my Garmin!' I knew people on here would understand :D xx

  • Ah yes there is ! Ha ha :-D xxx

  • But is it a technical t-shirt? No good if it's one of those heavy cotton things! :D xx

  • But my C25K technical t shirt lives in a drawer and never sees the light of day, whereas my cotton Health Unlocked one comes running.

  • Each to their own :) I just feel cold and soggy (and smelly!) in a cotton tee!

  • Oddly that's how synthetics make me feel. Maybe if I were to move a bit faster...

  • Nope, let's keep all the manufacturers in business. I'll go for synthetics and you can go for cotton :)

  • I ordered something from Garmin about a year ago and they were giving the T-shirt away for free at the time. Annoyingly I forgot to tick a box during the checkout process so I didn't get one. I was rather glad in the end 'cos there was a spate of running-related deaths in the following months, including parkrun participants.

  • Oh, no, really? Not funny then :( Those poor people.

  • I went to those open gardens last year. There were loads of em . Exhausting! Lovely cakes though

    You wouldn't expect a car on there!!!! Cheeky beggar, disturbing your peace. I'd have kicked his wheel!

  • Yes, lovely cakes - I'm going to Winster in a couple of weeks time, and I shall count that as hill training as well :D

    No, I know - I don't know how he fitted the blooming thing down there because it was a narrow bit! I'm surprised I didn't hear it, actually, because I don't run with headphones and there was nothing else except the skylark. I must have been in the zone :D And I couldn't have stopped to kick his wheel because I would have lost another second :D

  • Ha ha, that's the spirit. 4 x 4's ey. Makes drivers invincible.

    I love the open gardens thing. Totally civilised carry on I reckon and such a lovely thing to do in general. One we did had 30 odd gardens open (it might have been the Middleton by W one). We were deadbeats by the time we'd done them all, groaning under the weight of too much cake. We got burgers at one garden and live jazz!!!!

    There was one garden there (I think) where he had to use ladders to access the highest points of his garden. His hens were up there as well !!!! Fit bloke

  • Yes - jazz, cake, Pimms, cake, tea, more cake - it's a wonder I can stagger from one to t'other, but I manage! There was a 'cliffside' garden in yesterday's lot with hens at the top. Fab views, they had :)

  • Oh that would be it!

  • Weren't you lucky not to be mown down by all the Eroica Britannia cyclists?

  • It was s struggle getting there, I can tell you. And - I know they have a right to use the road etc. etc. etc. - but some of them weren't very sensible. I know it's hilly, and the roads are narrow, and I can't ride a bike so probably shouldn't comment, but they were wobbling all over the place and overtaking each other without looking behind them, some of them. It made me cross because they were taking stupid risks. Some of them were walking up the long hills out of Ashbourne and Kniveton and they were nicely tucked into the side, no problem, but there were others overtaking recklessly or just stopping and getting off to walk on a blind bend, the morons. Sorry, rant over! I'm sure I only came across the bad ones because all the good ones were long gone!

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