Couch to 5K

2nd time around

As I have mentioned before (I think), this is my second go at the C25K. Last year I successfully completed it and got my 5k time down to 28mins 20 secs. But.....I stopped over winter, then my running buddy stopped so I just didn't have the impetus to start again.

Well, I decided to make a fresh start and went back to week 5 and struggled to do week 6. i always found an excuse -legs hurt, lungs couldn't cope etc. Today I decided to change the music, change the route & change my attitude!!!

30 min run complete! Woo Hoo!!! All I need to do now is repeat the run to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and i will consider myself ready for graduation (again).

Don't give up no matter how stuck you become.



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