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second time around...

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Hi everyone

I'm just about to start week 7 of C25k; but not for the first time! I graduated nearly 2 years ago and to be honest was getting a bit obsessed - I couldn't go out without doing at least 5k every single time or I felt like a failure; I had to keep going further and faster every time and was setting constant (sometimes impossible) goals. I moved up to 10k, 15k, 20k - don't get me wrong, it was great! I was on a high every time things went well, miserable when I had 'failed'. From a blob who couldn't run for 30 seconds I could run for hours. Then things changed really quickly; the summer was very hot and I don't like the heat - literally turn beetroot. I hurt my foot (dropped a kettle on it), my dog (faithful running companion through thick and thin) died.... and I stopped running. And I didn't care! A few weeks ago I started thinking about C25k again - I saw people out running and thought about how good it feels, and I made a decision to start again at week 1. It was easy! But I thought I would go through the whole programme again. And here I am at week 7 and I LOVE IT. I know I probably have an addictive personality (ex smoker, ex drinker) so I want to be reasonable - I don't have to do 5k every single time. I don't have to beat my pb every single time. I don't have to run every single day... It's week 7 and surprisingly it's still easy-ish, despite 2 years away.

sorry for the long post! It's good to be back and I recognise lots of names from last time. I'm looking forward to reading all your posts and also to graduating (again!)

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Great to see you back.

Just remember, a runner should only be pushing hard for approximately 25% of their running time. The rest should be slow, endurance building running, developing your body, not testing it.

You will be a better runner in the long term by slowing down..........some of the time.

Thank you and I intend to be a better runner :)


Well done for getting back on again and enjoy the journey. πŸ‘πŸƒ

Thank you! Am off out for W7R1.... bring it on


I'm sure you will have a ball (again). Good that the fitness remains to a degree. Maybe this time think of some strategies to keep you going through the tough times....not that I'm trying to teach my grandma to suck eggs

yes good idea - it's strategies I need - I just gave up :( But am feeling positive and ready to go!


Welcome back... all you need to do..this time run... and enjoy!

I will! I have a good vibe this time - I am just off for my run and really looking forward to it :)


Welcome back 😊im a second time round as well & just behind you at week6! This time like you im just going yo be happy to graduate again & enjoy!!! Slow & steady my motto the rest will all come once i build up strength & stamina. Enjoy😊

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Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one! Good luck with week 6 - that was a real confidence builder for me and I can't wait to start week 7 (in about 10 minutes)... I'm not timing myself; just want to enjoy it.

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O can’t wait to read your post😊


My first time here but you remind me so much of myself I had to reply! Good luck in the rest of your journey mine is currently in week 6 😊

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