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Back to start again w5r1

So, after just short of 3 months off I decided to try the C25K again, although not go back to the beginning (I had got to week 7 and am restarting at week 5). This is my third time around having had to stop after competition to due an op which required 6 weeks off work, and then a dog bite which put me off going out when not walking for around a year.

I have been doing the 30 day shred for 2 weeks, and joined a slimming club to help sort out my diet (I'm terrible for skipping meals). I'd like to lose weight but getting healthy is my main objective.

Today I did w5r1. 2 uphill runs including the last bit of the last one and it nearly killed me but managed it: just.

Wish me luck for w5r2, hope I can manage the 8 mins on Tuesday

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well done and welcome back :) I started back at week 4 after injury will be starting week6 from Tuesday so I know how it feels :) keep at it you will be just fine :D


Good luck with w5r2. You know you can do it and well done for persevering!


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