Couch to 5K

wk 6 run 2 coming up

Recently back from holiday where vast amounts of food & drink consumed meant I only managed 1 run. So Ive just done wk6r1 twice running to try and get back to my previous 'form'. Was a bit breathless but the second time was easier so stealing myself for run2.

Incidentally I find do my run as soon as I get home it seems to be best time for me. Also need to make sure of the following:

have a good size lunch and then no more food until after the run

make sure have been to toilet before running - things have a habit of 'shaking down' and if you don't fancy doing a Paula Radcliff (or worse) then this helps!

Anyone got any other suggestions?

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Totally agree with your eating and toilet strategy.

Other suggestions... only to think of the run in positive terms during the day ("yay, today is running day, oh wow, I'm making huge progress, it is hard work but boy oh boy does it feel good, and I'm so proud of what I have achieved already") rather than negative ones ("oh darned, I wanted to <whatever> but need to fit a run in first, that's gonna be a pain in the bum, wish it didn't have to be today").

Happy running :)


Good for you for getting back to it after a nice holiday and all that lovely food and drink! What's the worst that can happen? You do a Paula Ratcliffe. It's natural and we're human but just make sure it's not on a road with passing motorists!


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