Graduation WK 9 Run 2

Graduation WK 9 Run 2

Just completed WK 9 Run 2. Since I started this program I always heard suggestions of changing routes and places, to be honest I didn’t pay any attention to this as I was very comfortable with the convenience of my location. Today I thought why not, let me try running by the beach. I just loved it. Temperature was about 30, plenty of fresh air and no disturbance. I did the normal stretches before the 5 minutes brisk walk warm-up and then 15 minutes run one direction before turning back for another 15 minutes back. I realised I was about 1 minute slower on my way back. Amazing sunrise and the view is breathtaking. I have decided to do my final WK 9 run 3 at this same place. Thursday is graduation day.

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  • Breathtaking!! and the sand in your trainers will be a stark reminder of your hard work. Good luck for final run - I sense a cool celebratory swim will be the requirements of the day! :)

  • Thank you Carole, yes a swim will be a very good idea. I must admit didn't think about that

  • Ohh, by the way actually I run on the pavement, running on the sand is very hard

  • Very hard! I did it in Dubai last week - but took the trainers off went barefoot and jumped in the sea after! Needed much!

  • Well done for getting this far! Gives me hope that i will get there too having started wk 1 yesterday!

    As for your location and view then WOW, lucky you and I couldn't think of a better place to run!

    And enjoy Thursday:-):-)

  • Thank you. You too will be here in no time.

  • Stunning!

  • thank you

  • Beautiful place to run.. Wow!!! Good luck on your graduation run :)

  • Thank you, Indeed it is a beautiful place to run, the temperatures a bit on high mind you, a good swim after the run should do the job

  • What a lovely place for your graduation run! Good Luck!

  • Thank you for the wish

  • What a gorgeous sunrise - it looks very peaceful. The perfect place to graduate. I wish you the very best of luck for Thursday.

  • Thank you

  • Ooh that's gorgeous. I can imagine that running along there really helps keep your mind in a serene, calm confident place...? Good idea to do the final run there too. Huge good luck for Thursday and happy running :)

  • Thank you

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