I think this is the week that has me the most worried. It's the change of routines. I hope I remember them for the treadmill. It's also the fear of failing this. I know I can repeat but what if I have to repeat ten times or more!

Week 5 is scary. I have to try. I think my main problem will be myself. I'm so sure it's hard that I think I'm putting a mental obstical in my way.

I really should know better. Maybe I will promise myself a coffee if I'm successful. What do you guys use for rewards? How do you get over your fears?


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  • Hi peskiemousie ...feel the fear and do it anyway...you can do this we are in it together...positive vibes sent your way...

    my reward is im geting my diabetes better controlled and weight loss...having suport to do it is a reward too!

    Look at what u have acheived already! Wow go girl go!


  • I often think of a nice milky coffe, or tea and toast!(if its the morning!) i used to do my 1st run of each week on a Sunday, and told myself that if i got through it ok i would reward myself with a pub tea, paid for by someone else for doing so well! :) remember at least 3 weeks where it did the trick!

    also , composing a victory post to tell your forum buddies and noting the highs, and sometimes lows of the run.... you can definitely do week 5, have faith in yourself, you will be surprised how much of it is a mental battle.... you can do it!!

  • Trust the program! You really CAN do this. We have all been terrified as this run looms up, but look how far you have come. Just those few weeks ago you were struggling with 60 seconds. Pah! 60 seconds? You wouldn't think twice about it now.

    A lot of running for longer times is about mental attitude - that's one of the reasons the program goes back to intervals in week 6. The first 5 weeks are all about building up physical endurance - you have completed those, so you know you are ready, now you just have to give yourself permission to do it. :)

    Keep going, one foot in front of the other, think of us all there willing you on. We've been there, we know it's scary, but we all survived, and so will you. So, shoulders down, chin up, and keep going til Laura tells you to stop. Simple!

  • Every graduate had the same fear, and as described above its a mental problem, not really a physical one. You've gone through the program, so you are ready, so long as you run slowly. You just have to keep going. When it gets really tough ask yourself...Do your legs hurt enough to stop, can you still breath? If the answers are no and yes, keep going. It won't be easy, but it will be doable. Just keep going.

    I look forward to seeing you post after w5r3 that you've completed it, and you can't get your face to stop smiling.

  • Trust yourself, trust the program and you will be fine.

    For W5R3 reward yourself with anything you feel like. You will deserve it.

  • Good luck peskymouse! Run three for me tomoz! I'm planning an early start and the old man will supervise the kids before school! No early night because of my choir but I'm really sort of looking forward to seeing if I can do it!! Give it a good go! X

  • How did your run go?

  • Yo Peskymouse! It was absolutely fine. Was really pleased to get that in the bag! Well done to you too! Iove your determination x

  • Today I did my run. It was not as bad as I thought. I was a little instead but I put that down to the food poisoning I got the day before..

    Nothing and I repeat nothing is going to stop me doing this......

  • I'm really happy I have just completed run two. I am not entirely sure how but I did it. Yippee.

    Celebrating with an apple and ginger juice and a salmon wrap.

  • Today I completed week 5. Yippee. Hoping to go see the Olympics today. It should be great and a nice reward.

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