Stinging nettles

Just back from a gentle 6k ,decided to head across country and see where i could get. All was great really, dodging under over hanging trees,jumping ruts in the path and oh yes getting stung so many times by nettles i lost count. Nice to be out after a rough day at work. Its so relaxing getting all hot and sweaty and forgetting all the rubbish!! Thanks for helping me run c25k.

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  • Lovely!!! I had similar today too. I'm loving all the thick vegetation and cow parsley up to my shoulders! Tiger balm is good for the nettle stings. During today's run I was trying to think about how many types of poo I had dodged whilst starting to run; dog, Fox, deer, horse. I think that means I need cow and cat for the "big 6" :)

  • I'm finding the malt whiskey is helping as well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Lol. I'll try that one. I assume it is better to take orally rather than apply to the affected area :)

  • Even in the warmer weather, it's definitely long pants for me on the trails.

  • Long pants??????

  • Sorry for the Americanism. Trackie bottoms is what I should have said.

  • Well done Samson ! Sounds like fun to me :-)

    Youre just like that Bear Grylls off the telly !

    Bet you feel loads better for it , well apart from the nettles :-) xxx

  • Sounds like so much fun...keep enjoying yourself

  • I like doing trails, but I must admit, head height cow parsley freaks me out!

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