Syncopated steps, sultry sounds and ... a stinging sensation!

Syncopated steps, sultry sounds and ... a stinging sensation!

Tuesday run. It had to be early , it had to be short, had to be fast. Lovely son-in-law prepping for an interview, so LMTB, (Little mum to be), had a spare day.. bonus time for me :) A quick text to small person to say I would be cutting through their garden and I was off.

A child's drawing of a sky..bright blue and white fluffy edged clouds. Sunshine warm on my back, even at this early hour.

After reading many posts about this, I had decided to do a walk/run, run! I took Speed with me, just for familiarity and timing... but I intended walking very briskly in the slower interval and running as fast as I could in the faster interval. I could have sorted all this out with my music and my Garmin, but did not plan well enough! I need yatesco with me! ( I read on his post later, it might be called a cadence pyramid or something?????)

A very brisk warm-up walk around the crescent and then a joggette, ( love that word Irishprincess ), of a warm up down the hill. Laura kicked in, her familiar reassuring tones, describing the first five minutes.. Off I went... I am increasing my distance, because I am, I think running well. I have only me to convince, and I think I am. Then the first intervals started... let's go..! Okay... so in theory this should work, but why is it that whenever I want to run fast, that interval is always on an incline? I had really tried to manoeuvre my route on flatter stretches of lane, but until I really get into the fields, that is impossible. Walking very, very briskly in the slower intervals, I headed through the village and up past the schools. No children yet, thank goodness.. I was finding this a tad tiring.. whether it was the walk/run I don't know, or the fact that on the run. I was running quite fast... I just did not really get into a steady though!

Cutting through the path behind the primary school, I did notice a huge tree that has stood in the play yard since my girls went there, has been cut down. Just the massive stump is all that remains. But, no time to linger, off we go again.

Cutting a long story short, which is almost unknown for me, I headed along the Old Road at a fair lick. Arms pumping and knees driving me along. The hedges cut back and layered after the winter, no longer wearing their light spring garments but thick and lusher garb, green and impenetrable. A blackbird bobbing teasingly, ahead of me, a walk, a flutter, a dip in the hedge.. It's all right for you blackbird... you have wings.

Turning up towards the Steam railway and the end of the intervals... Keeping up the pace, walk, run, walk run, I squeeeeezed through the gap in the hedge. I stopped here, and decided to put on some music. I have no idea what I had got playing, but I was, I have to say, fairly out of breath and glad of this small rest. Headed back down the now empty buttercup field, and over the Steam track, back towards the opposite I decided to go left here, I have no idea, but I did; through the long grasses waving at the edge of the field, downhill, and suddenly was aware of strange noises emanating from my ear buds.. I was breathing heavily and my feet and legs swishing through the grass made it even harder to hear. I never have the volume turned up very high anyway.

It sounded like.. well... I didn't know, low guttural growling and indiscernible words..strangely un-natural noises...terrifying... until, as I rounded the corner along the flat bit where the grass was shorter, I managed to hear the words....." keep on...keep right on..." this slightly unsettling murmuring went on for quite some time, as I bounded along through the grasses, I turned and headed back up the hill at a fast walk and along the track, leading towards home , serenaded by, "...keep on, keep right on doing it..." ! Well I did..keep on doing it! I headed back over the track and along past the big field which hasn't been cut. On a whim.. I decided to detour through there and cut through to daughter's house. Mistake!

Why do I do these things? The grass here was very long, very, very long, and intermingled in the grass were thistles.. and nettles. No running now... even Barry...(yes, it was Barry White)... where he had come from is a mystery, but he had given up doing it too! I battled through, uncomfortably aware of the prickling and scratchiness through my running tights. I was heading for the fence and the orchard at the back of my daughter's house... On reaching the fence, glad to be getting out of the sea of stinginess, I put one foot out and it went down a hole..full of water. There has always been a shallow ditch, but no hole! There was now. So scratched, stung and soggy.. I hobbled up through the trees and into their garden. Pyjama clad LMTB greeted me by the raspberries... her look was enough. I was very pink and very bedraggled, my right foot squelched as I walked. Trying to look relaxed and not out of breath at all, I managed to gasp..."How long has that hole been outside the fence? "

A glass of water later, plans made for the day, I headed slightly wearily and wetly down the lane back towards the village. Thank goodness it was still early. I trogged up the hill, leaving one wet footprint on the pavement behind me, with each step; my right leg was itching unbearably on the knee, and I was peeling off my leggings almost as I went through the gate into my garden!

An interesting run...( they all are), very different, the walk and the runs, probably... no, certainly, need to be choreographed more carefully. I think I may do this again... with a careful plan, route, distance and speed. I will be trying desperately to avoid all stinging sections and Barry will not be accompanying me.:)


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48 Replies

  • Eeewww Floss! Hope that isn't too sore 🚑 :/

  • Fine now!😏Thanksxxx I do some daft things!

  • What an entertaining post and reading it I was running along with you. A lovely start to my weekend, thanks. Your leg looks very sore and itchy. I hope you found some docks leaves to rub it with. The lane I run down has developed a jungle of nettles and brambles these past couple of weeks but I have not been so badly stung as you. Have a good weekend☺

  • rambles are infamous😏 I do react to stings etc...but after a quick shower and some cream which is amazing, the sting stopped and by afternoon..all better☺

    Enjoy your weekend too☺

  • Ow, that looks really sore. And they did that through your leggings? Hope it's all calmed down now and you didn't do any damage putting your foot in the hole. Our children must think we're mad, but better that than senile!

    A lovely post as usual😎

  • It was..and sooo itchy.Yep, they know us..and they love us.I would rather be like this than boring😏 fortunately..they like it too.

    I got some brilliant stuff in France last really well😏 The hole..well not deep..but wet!!!😀

  • Oh Floss.............

    That looks really ouchy. Sendy you a virtual hug & some dock leaves to make it better.

    Look out for holes in future please we dont want you doing an Alice in Wonderland on us!🙈🐇

  • Just got the hug..thanksx

    Much better now☺ what am I like? But I have huge fun..makes up for those odd, grumpy bits!

    I thought dock leaves..but figured a striptease in the field was a step too far...even for me☺ my younger days..I did win a magnum of champagne for a ' virtual' one..but that is a whole other story😉

  • Ouchy ouch floss! I was running along there with you all happy and content until you hit the nettles 😨. That looks so sore. The things we do for running, honestly. You'd think we were addicted or something 😏 Sending you a big hug and I hope the itch stops itching. xxx

  • I am...totally addicted..even with the field had been sprayed..with slurry...found that out!!!!!!

    My itches are okay..French wonder cream!!!☺xx

  • Slurry. Ugh!

  • Oh yes.......😩

  • Ouch - that looks bad!

    I am sure my wife won't mind but when she delivered our first child we took the iPod along and who happened to be first up? Yep, Barry White. Surprisingly, it didn't match the ambience very well.

    Oh, and men - when the nurse offers to 'come and look at this end', don't, just don't. With the greatest respect to women, labour is _not_ the nice pleasant 'squeeze' followed by a nice, clean, blue-eyed, golden haired 6 month old baby appearing :-).

    When did this post become all about birthing? Moving on!

  • Ha ha , what brought that on yatesco ? Ah yes , Barry White , what was he doing there :-D xxx

  • Well, he was there are the beginning so only fair he was there at the end.

    I'm kidding! Can't stand that sort of music myself :-).

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Me neither!!!!

  • Unbelievable...these posts are amazing..from nettles to nurseries!!!

    Barry gets into some strange spots!!!😉

  • Gosh, what a mess! As a former country-dweller myself (and still working there), I totally sympathise. You can find some weird and wonderful things out in the fields and on the roads too. Glad to hear all is well now. x

  • I do react..v colourful..should see me after a horse fly! Used to it..but itchy! Okay now thanksx

  • Oh Floss, poor you ! :-(

    Looking at that pic is making me itch ! Even my teeth are itching , Aarrgh ! :-)

    They say everything that is put on this wonderful planet has a purpose , but nettles ?? I am sure they do have some good points, but why do they have to flippin' hurt soo much ??

    Another lovely, lovely post Floss, a lyrical masterpiece and I was running along with you in my head there as always .

    I'm so glad that everything has settled down now xxx

  • Fine now..thanks..I do not usually post body parts..but thought..hmmm colourful!

    Sorry I made you itch...I have made nettle soup..yuk..nettle wine...not bad..nettle cheese..yarg? That was okay! But stings....horrid!

    One thing though,pp, my runs are never boring!😏

  • That is certainly true Floss ! :-)

    Nettle Cheese ? I just cant imagine that at all :-) Ive had Nettle Tea and I quite liked that xxx

  • It is okay.. I tried it in Cornwall first Dad made the nettle wine.. he made all his own wine from fruits he had picked or grown.. his crab apple wine was delicious!!!

  • Oh it looks certainly "different " ! Nettle cheese - I didn't know it even existed ! Every day's a school day ! :-) xxx

  • Well... some supermarkets sell it.. you could have a try! I was a bit afraid initially of trying it, in case my tongue got itchy!!!:)

  • Ouch that does look nasty!

    I can relate to the wet foot, I was on a path the other week halfway through a 10K when the path went underwater for about five feet, I had no option but to "splosh" through and do the one footed squelch all the way home!

  • ☺ It can be quite a satisfying sound...but the itch was bad..I could not appreciate it!! Go you..10K and soggy foot...I am so impressed!!,😏

  • Oh my goodness floss, that looks nasty. It is always such an adventure when you head out! I'm sure you carried off the squelching and itching with great poise and aplomb but boy were you glad to get home to your French mystery balm, eh? I love your positivity , not even the nasty nettles destroyed it :)

  • Tee hee... I never, quite know what the run will bring... the cream actually is one you can get, without prescription here, but in France it is stronger. You have to use it properly, but, it is very effective.

    I had a horrid bite when in France two years ago, ( I have a bad reaction to stings and bites and carry a reverse hypodermic kit with me). But the pharmacist in Le Bugue recommended this cream. He was so good and it was so effective, I bought two tubes back with me!!!

    I did look a real sight..but.. hey ho... even a wet and stingy run is better than no run..!

  • Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch that is a floss adventure too far!hope you are getting lots of tlc from your lovely hubby!😕😣xxx

  • Only me...:) x

    My Nan used to call me Nutty butter.. she was right. Yes, he looks after me wonderfully. After 43 years, he is very used to my antics!!!! :)

  • Oh Floss!! your poor knee..youch.😣

    I Just love reading about your adventures though...I think running has brought out the 10 year old girl in you.

    Go you...but do take care.xx

  • All good now thank youx

    Yes, maybe I need to grow up a tad. Although, I can be very sensible if the need arises... :)

    I do need sometimes, to remember how old I am!!!!:)

  • shed years as you run😊😊😊

  • Yeay!!!!!!!!! feeling all of 30! Wow!!!

  • Ouch that looks very itchy! Hope your French cream continues to work 😵

  • It is never far from me when the weather warms up...:)

  • Another word added to my English vocabulary - syncopated... Not a word I will use often, but when I do, I'm sure it will be impressive.

    Judging by you photo, you react allergic-like to nettles. I do too, and to insect bites also. Unfortunately mosquitos love me. My GP has suggested oral antihistamines in severe cases. That knee to me looks pretty severe! Ouch!

  • Hi. That is a real word, not one of mine... :) It is a lovely word :)

    Yes, I have quite severe and instant reactions to bites etc, I do not like to take oral medication, but when I had the nasty insect bite in France, it nearly got very serious! My leg was very very swollen!! Fortunately the Pharmacist in the village was really helpful.

    Mosquitoes adore me... as do small bitey flies... I think it is because I taste so good... just like you must too!!!:)

    Knee is fine now, but, however warm it gets, I will never run in the fields in can see why:)

  • Glad to hear that your knee is fine now. Don't get me wrong, I don't suggest you take medicines unless you really have to. I have taken the oral antihistamines to take care of bites in places where it can get dangerous. Like last summer when I had a bite in my face near the eye and the swelling got so bad that my eye was being 'squeezed' - I couldn't see right. Very scary.

  • Eeekkkk!

    Yes you are right... I do actually carry antihistamine tablets too... I am a bit daft, but not stupid!!!

    The eye thing, horrid... very scary indeed. :(

    By the way.. I have started reading Pippi Long-stocking again... thanks for reminding me how good the stories are :)

  • Ouch that looks sore... Sounds like an adventure you had there!!!

  • Yep... it is fine now thanks..but maybe I need to settle into more sensible running:)

    I am looking forwards to maybe some flatter, and drier runs when I go to France in few weeks time. It will be early morning running, but that will suit me. My legs will still be covered though.. insect alert!!! :)

  • Ooooh you lucky thing that sounds lovely.....

  • Cannot wait. :)

    We usually go in the Spring or Summer, but are taking some friends, with two teenagers!!! with us. They wanted us to accompany them and their M/H on their first foray abroad! A long time since we went in the high season, and with young people:) but it will be fun.:)

    One of our friends on here, has been giving me the low down on best time to run etc and how to prepare for the heat!!!

    Heat ( sigh) I am hoping so.... so chilly here this morning!

  • Ooh Floss! That looks horrible. The grass everywhere has become so long with the warmth and the rain, I couldn't even see the river yesterday as I approached the path along the bank.

    Not all runs are great, but we like to live dangerously!

  • To boldly go, Ully... since when have fast flowing rivers, hidden holes and stinging things ever stopped us ? :)

    Leg is more or less fine now.. but I am going to change my route slightly for tomorrow's run!!!

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