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Mud and nettles

Out with the dog again today and thought I'd try a new route using bridleways instead of the pavement pounding. It's great to run in the daytime as I usually have to run at night...but it's half term! I planned my route and set off....

Mud! Lots of it...very slippery, gluey mud which was joyous for dog but not so good for staying on your feet. Slipped and slid and eventually, inevitably, landed on my bum in a large quagmire. Whilst clambering out of mud slid into large nettle patch. Undaunted, kept going, lost dog, found dog, got lost myself and had to double back, now wishing I had brought my phone to call for emergency airlift from the woods of deepest Berkshire.... Then rain! And a good thing too, as getting rather hot.....The route I had planned was supposed to be 7k but ended up over 10! Eventually staggered out back into civilisation looking exceedingly glam - the 'assault course' look, I think! I had fun! Who'd have thought it a few months ago 🤗✌️

(Dog is knackered...)

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Hehe this did make me smile! Those unplanned crazy runs are the best! Well done you and just think how good mud is for the skin!!!!

E xxx


It sounds fab! Well done for keeping going, & finding the dog, & finding your way out again....... 😆


Thanks ,.. My hands were stinging for ages afterwards, shoes still drying out which reminds me ... Trail shoes ...

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Yeay....go you!

Mud is sooooo good for the skin...!

How positive you are...nettles, (maybe make soup), rain to cool you down, learning to skate on the mud, training for the multi-talented.

Excellent post... :) (I bet the dog will recover in time for the next run!!! )


I have had a few slips but so far kept on my feet. Did you laugh, I always giggle when I am sloshing through the mud - feel like a naughty girl but there is no one brave enough to tell me off now I am 52! Take your phone next time or I will worry about u - what if you were injured? I always take my personal alarm and phone when out in the wilds! The dog is getting super fit too then, great to have company on a country run and hope your clothes wash up well plus your shoes, they must be caked in soggy mud! Julie


i had poo bags (for the dog!) car keys and dog treats; I dithered about taking the phone but will from now on. The 10.5 k took 1hr 20 mins, not too bad considering the stop for a mud bath ! Ripped leggings on thorns but never liked them anyway. I get your point about feeling like a naughty girl - and I'm 55! LOL

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🎶Nothing gonna stop you now....🎶

Great run well done sh. :)


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