I've done it!!

Yes, have just finished Week 9 Run 3 - from a steady walker who couldn't run for a bus to save her life (not that we have many buses in New Zealand) to running for 30 minutes, non-stop.

What have I learnt from this exercise? Well. I don't enjoy running for 30 minutes; although my body is fine and could probably keep going, my brain tells me I need a break. My daughter in the UK put me on to C25K and she's gone on to complete the Great South Run last year and is looking to move on to triathlons this year. This does not appeal to me at all - probably at 62 I'm too old anyway. I hope to continue running 2-3 times a week, fitted around playing golf 2-3 times as well. I will try to increase my speed from a very slow 7.5kph on the treadmill on a good day by doing the podcasts again but jogging the 'walk' bits and running the 'run' bits.

I feel fitter of course and a bit more toned (the flab is less flabby) and my stamina has increased out of sight but the weight hasn't changed (neither has the diet!) but my tummy looks to be bigger and harder to hold in.

I do feel better and rather proud of myself - it is an achievement - but disappointed I didn't enjoy it more. I'd love to say I'm a proper runner but my heart isn't really in it. Even if I drop back to 2-3 20 minute runs per week that will be a huge improvement on anything I've done before and will keep me fit, especially if I can up the pace. Maybe we sometimes have to be satisfied with what we've done and accept our limitations<

This sounds so negative and defeatist doesn't it - I need a kick up the bum!


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  • Congratulations on completing C25K. There can't be many people in NZ who have done it so well done. I sometimes wonder at 61 "What on earth am I doing this for"? But then I think back to what I did before and how I felt and you know what, there is no way I will get back to sitting on that couch and being what I now term as lazy!!!!

    If the longer runs don't appeal to you do the 20 minutes there is no law that says you must jog for 30 minutes or you must jog and cover 5K. Whatever you do from now on must be for you to enjoy, it would be a great shame to stop after all your hard work so find that happy balance and most importantly enjoy whatever you do. Good luck and don't forget to send an email to JR21 for your graduation badge. :)

  • Thankyou Old Girl that makes me feel better about the shorter times. Got my graduate badge today (yippee). Also read somewhere that you used Week2 for interval training - that's my next run sorted, thanks.

  • Good on ya , It is a great accomplishment to finish this program ! I about a week and a bit behind you, but am not running this week as I have the flu. You have come such a long way don't give up just do it your own way at your own pace. You don't have to run a marathon do what works for you and have some fun with it. I actually miss it this week ....didn't think I would ever say that! :-)

  • Sorry about the flu, hope you get over it quickly, remember you may take a little while to build up stamina again afterwards, flu can really take it out of you so don't get despondent. I plan to run Week 2 intervals as Old Girl suggested.

  • Congratulations on completing the programme!! I'm sure you can adapt now to find something that suits you if you don't enjoy the long run - at least you know you can do it!! x

  • Yes you're right - I was just being negative. I expected to be really keen to go further and further and do a half marathon or something! 30 minutes is an achievement and I should be more pleased with myself.

  • Why is it that jogging and becoming more toned causes the tummy to look bigger and can be harder to hold in (as you mention above)?

    I also have this problem, which is a bit frustrating as I'm also following Weight Watchers and am the slimmest I've ever been as an adult. Someone even asked if I'm pregnant the other day *shock horror*!!!

  • I keep telling myself that the tummy is just extra muscle underneath! Can't imagine anyone asking me if I'm pregnant - now that would make headlines! Just ignore tham and keep up the good work, sounds like you're doing great, well done.

  • To be honest, I didn't start to enjoy my running until about 4 weeks after finishing C25K. At the end of it came the realisation that it was all about just running from then on and that scared me a bit. But I kept on going, mixed it up a bit with interval training and longer distances (but only to 5K as I'm slow) and I suddenly started to enjoy it. I'm now doing 5K regularly but I think I'll keep it at that for now anyway.

    Well done on graduating!! :)

  • Thanks for that. I actually felt quite emotional during the last couple of minutes of the last run, maybe that came through in my message. I'll keep going for now, doing intervals stuff and maybe I'll get to like it too.

  • Annienz,

    Well done on completing the programme. Being a mad thing, and eternally optimistic I am suggesting you go forward to the B210k?

    There are podcasts for it available on the site under Andstev's profile.

    As Minuette said, sometimes people don't start enjoying the running for the running's sake until after the programme has finished and they are more comfortable with the concept.

    I think you have done a wonderful thing for yourself, and at 61 that is no mean feat. The main thing is to keep up the level of aerobic fitness. If you really don't want to run three times a week, possibly you could do gym work on the rower, cycle or cross trainer. Swimming (at good effort) is also a cardio workout.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you. All good positive suggestions - have a cross trainer in the garage so no excuse.

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