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Feeling chuffed 😊

Since I put a post on here a couple of weeks ago asking for a kick up the backside (which I duly received in the nicest possible way), I've managed to run every other day. I started again at week 4 and this morning completed week 6.

To say I'm chuffed is an understatement. 😊 In a short space of time I've turned into this person who gets out the door running at 6.45 in the morning! How on earth did that happen? I'm really enjoying my running, even the 25 minutes this morning and what is lovely is I'm seeing the same people down the park every time I run. So nice people saying 'morning' to each other and I even got a round of applause from a fellow runner when we past each other twice this morning, how good is that?!

Happy running all!

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How good is that?


I'm glad you got back into the groove and are enjoying it.

Like you, I sometime look at myself as if from above and think, blimey-I'm running-how did that happen? lol


Thanks! Such a good feeling isn't it?


YES! I wonder if it ever wears off...


Yay well done!!!!!!


Well done, glad you relocated your mojo


Aw that's lovely :) Sounds like you're really enjoying your running now. Well done! :)


I am thanks 😊

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