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Wooly Hat, overheating = Wk9 Run3

I can honestly say that when i started this program 9 weeks ago i wasn't 100% sure i'd make it to the end but i've always had a stubborn streak and slowly i found myself more and more addicted.

At the begining even running for 1 minute made me out of breath and I remember feeling completely exhusted after each session in the early weeks. Then with encouragement from laura and other people on this site and seeing my improvemnets I became addicted waking at 6am in the morning to go for a run before work, something that all my friends and in fact my husband found slightly amusing.

Over the weeks I've resurected my trainers and sports bra, donned some sports socks, brought some running tops (it's surprising how sweaty cotton actually is) and invested in a cool pink high vis gillet.

For those of you reading this at the start of your journey, you can do it, really you can. To all those who have offered support and advice thank you :-)

Keep running every one, Allie C :-)

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Well done alliec - congratulations on your graduation :-)


Well done!


Fantastic well done, a little bit behind you but hoping for a green badge soon. Strange how this running lark grabs you, congratulations and keep running :-D


Congratulations Graduate!!!! I must say I admire you for getting up out of a warm bed to go running. Very well done and hoping you continue on here. Gayle


Congratulations, Allie!!! It is an amazing journey, isn't it? :-)

Now, take a bit of a rest and find a great spot right beside your name for that wonderful "Graduate" badge!! You have certainly earned it!!

Congratulations and Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations on your graduation! A fantastic achievement, well done :)


Well done Allie! Yeeeeah! You are a Graduate! Fantastic perseverance to do this and graduate.

Keep on Running! :-)

Colette x


Brilliant Allie! Congratulation on graduating!! It is a proud moment indeed so enjoy it.....

Sue x

p.s. Pink rocks!!!


Thank you everyone for your congrats.

John's awarded my badge. I'm one proud runner, Big smiles all round :-)


Congratulations AllieC!


Way to go AllieC!!! Congrats on graduating. And I totally agree with the cotton comment. I guess I never really knew how sweaty ANYTHING was until I started C25K :-)


Well done AllieC, WELL DONE pink high vis gilet and all :-).

Off for my 9/3 run today - see you at the grad ceremony :-)


Sara xox


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