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W4R1 - Colour me chuffed!

Ok, so another belated post - sorry!

Well, did NOT expect that to go so well! The slower speed is definately doing it for me - I'm holding up a lot better. I'm gonna see if I can go up 0.2 kmph every week, or thereabouts.

After remembering how hard it was to complete 3 minute stints on W3, I was struggling with the thought of doing it again with another 67% on top. The first bit suprised me - I did 3 minutes straight off without overdoing it! I felt really prepared, so got ready to do the 5-minute jog, and did it!!! I got this weird trick going where I said aloud the percentage I had completed (10% every thirty seconds). Weird how I find myself doing maths on these runs: nothing like a couple of mental quadratic factorisations to pass the time! (what am I doing with my life...)

I did really well overall, until the last metaphorical hurdle. I had to stop about 2 minutes into the last run, due to my leg acting up again, pure exhaustion, and the dreaded double-stitch. Still, I may not have completed it, but my self-confidence is on the rise again! I easily did the 5-minute run, and after that the 3-minute stint was a doddle.

People have started to notice my figure as well - just today I had two people ask if I had lost weight, and the half-stone mark is just in sight! I can't believe how far I have come in 5 weeks, 4 of them running - I'm running 5 minutes straight no problem! This after nearly giving up after the first run of 60-second jogs.

The sessions are really beginning to feel like runs-with-breaks now as opposed to walks-with-running bits. I'm so proud of myself!

Thanks to all those that have offered support, I may not have been here long but I've had so much encouragement!

W4R2 roll on!!

(and apologies for the innapropriate number of exclamation marks in this post)

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Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself! On long runs, I try and keep my mind busy - planning meals, making lists for work etc. Sometimes I even make up little scenarios in my head that make me laugh. Enjoy the think time!


Congrats! Amazing what you can do when you keep at it. You'll be running 10 minutes non stop in no time. I love this program :)


You are doing fabulously, keep it up. I'm going to show your post to a friend of mine, if you don't mind, as I have been trying to persuade her that she can start this programme, despite her dodgy knees, back, lungs, etc.

Maths is a great idea, I also used to break down to 5 minute segments and count them backwards to help me get through it once I started on the longer runs, it's really helpful for me. Not sure I'm at your level of maths though :-o


Hey, wow, of course you can show it to your mate! If your reading this, vixiej's friend, I strongly recommend it. It took me weeks to build up the courage to start, but I'm feeling great about it now; I'm loosing weight, getting fitter, gaining confidence - doesn't take up much time either! This site is brillant too- so much support! I have loads of physical glitches, but you go at your own pace and choose how far to push yourself. I've found my bad ankles, stiff neck etc. are actually improving. Go for it!


You're doing great. I've also found that mental distraction helps. I started singing rehersal lines for the musical I'm in under my breath really helped when I started doing an 800 metre sprint back home from the tube station, though I don't suggest actually trying to sing while running, though that may be an interesting experiment :D


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