Week 5 Run 1 completed - who knew I could run in the rain???

I was reasonably confident I could pull this one off, as though I'd been very fearful of week four and the increase to five minute running it hadn't been as bad as I'd expected. However, when I looked out the window at 7am this morning and saw the pouring rain all my old doubts resurfaced. I've been buying a few new things to run in but hadn't wanted to buy a running jacket until I was sure I could manage the program. So out I went in my new running shoes and Capri pants and an old t-shirt (only bought one running top so far lol) and within in minutes I was soaked, but once I got into the running I never even noticed.

I haven't looked at run 2 yet but have heard that run 3 is for 20 mins - OMG that's a step up!!! But I'm going to try and trust in Laura!

Are there any other people who are at this stage in the program? It would be nice to support each other as I've seen some of the other weeks do! Let me know if you're out there :-))


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18 Replies

  • Hello carolinew! well done you, I have just completed w5r2 myself last night and really afraid of run 3 tomorrow. 20mins non stop sure is daunting. but might give it a go or just repeat run 1 & 2 again.

    Good luck with your runs! As laura always say - "You can do it".

  • Cofy, good luck tomorrow!! Let us know how you get on - I'm sure you'll be great

  • Once you've run in the rain you realise it can be great, a nice drizzle to keep you cool :-)

    W5R3 we all worried about that run, It looks so big, it isn't YOU CAN DO IT, Laura has prepared you. It really is mind over matter, my tip is run a little slower than normal, far more important to finish than get a good distance. Look forward to you post 20 min blog, good luck.

  • Thanks Phil, can't wait to be a "graduate" like you!

  • Today was my first time running in the rain too (don't all you seasoned rain-runners snigger!). I went out in t-shirt (but a 'technical' shirt) and shorts, and I bet any neighbours who saw me thought I was nuts!

    I did W5R3 yesterday and although it looks daunting once you find your pace (and a nice bit of level-ish ground, it's simply a case of plodding on with determination. Happy running.

  • Well done Swanscot, I think my neighbours think I'm nuts as well lol. I'll let you know how I manage on Wednesday

  • Hi Caroline, like the rain keeps me cool. I have got the biggie tomorrow (20 mins) and i really think it is mind over matter. Will be running slow as Phil says and concentrating on the music which is not my usual taste but it always helps! Got to the point where I've got the songs in my head now when I'm not 'running.' Got a running jacket and wouldn't be without it, lightweight etc off ebay. Good luck and happy running! ;)

  • I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and im now off to check out eBay for running jackets! Let me know how you get on!

  • Thanks, the make is 'dare2be' it was a pressie, no hood but very lightweight and warm :) If the weather's mad tomorrow like it is now, windy and downpours may re-think, oh I know putting it off :p

  • Lucky you all running in the rain. It's still in the high 30s here in northern Italy although storms are forecast tomorrow. Well done all of you from a Week 5 newbie!

  • Thank you and good luck to you ;)

  • You will be great!! But heat and hills are something else lol. Let us know how you get on

  • It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, the only downside was my deepest-shade-of -purple face at the end. But am feeling 10 foot high. Have my dreaded Run 3 on Thursday - if of course I pass Run 2 on Tuesday - but why shouldn't I? With all of you, and Laura of course, the sky's the limit. Ad astra ;-)

  • Running in the rain is fun! Don't worry about W5R3. If you've got this far, you can do it. Might not be easy but you definitely CAN do it (slightly worryingly, I realise that I'm beginning to sound like Laura!)

  • Woah... wait... W5 you run for 20 minutes?! I'm W4R2 and just about managing 5! How the flip can you go from 5 mins to 20 in one week! Wished I hadn't read this thread.

  • Sorry Vivwestie, didn't mean to destroy your Sunday :-). Did the 2x 8 mins runs today of W5R2 and apart from starting the first one a bit too quickly I felt like I could have run so more! So roll on Wednesday for W5R3!!!!

  • hi

    i have started week 5 this week have done the first run ( likewise in the pouring rain ) am not able to do run 2 till thursday as i work 12 hr shifts and it would be too dark to run after i have finished so am hoping run2 thursday morning run 3 fri evening eek !!!!

  • Well, Carolinew and magicdragon - I'll be looking forward to hearing how your runs went!

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