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Done 3 dread wk 4

Yes!!!! I have finished week 3 and dreading how am I going to run for 4 minutes. As I do the final run I wait for Laura's voice is it now ....... oh dear how long. At the same time I also wonder how did I lose it as I could remember being able to run at least 10 minutes. I am not sporty neither a gym would say a perfect couch other than my normal walking trips. So how is it going to be? How did you manage ? I have to rest 2 days as of work and running on Tuesday hopefully.

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I never thought I'd make it through each week, but somehow I did. Have faith in the programme that you are ready & you can do it. I've learnt to love running & completing each week was a great accomplishment - good luck


Just take each session individually and don't look too far ahead. Take your time and if you feel you need to slow down. I was exactly the same and didn't think I would be able to do it, but you really can. Let us know how it goes. As Laura says 'you can do this'!

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The programme is developed to prepare you for each run so if you have done the runs beforehand then you are ready for the next one. Just run very slowly and you'll be fine.

Remember that very first run and how hard it was? I bet you'd find it much easier now. By the time you reach say week 6 then you'll look back at this run and wonder why you worried.


I have just finished week 7 and yet felt exactly like you a few short weeks ago. Try not to think too much about how hard it will be. Instead go out and enjoy it because you can and you will get through the next run, and the next ..... Before you know it you will be running your 10 minutes again and more. Good luck and let us know how you get on


Thank you all for your encouragement and experience I will remember them as I run. Will tell you how did it go aswell.


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