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Couch to 5K
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wk 3 ( managed run 1) :-)

Hiya, I've never been into running but for the last 15 months have been walking like a mad woman doing at least 15000 steps per day and decided to take up the C25K challenge.

Decided not to look too far ahead in schedule as want to stay focused on where I am at this moment, when I did look at week 3 yesterday for the 1st time wondered how the hell I was going to run for 3 minutes but am pleased to say I did it, very slow but got there. I felt so good that I continued walking as usual and added a few more 3 minute runs into my usual walk managing a total of 20 mins of running in about an hour of exercise, do others do this or am I best sticking to the regime? I have been given some lower limb exercises by my colleagues as I have a dodgy knee and hope this doesn't stop me from progressing.

I am 52 and new to this but feeling good.

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Most people will stick to the programme , but I was like you and often added on a few more runs and when I got to wk 6 I added on a few minutes to every run. I think we all start from a different fitness baseline and some can add on a little . Just don't overdo it and make sure you have rest days, they are very important especially if you have a knee problem. One full day off and other exercise like swimming cycling or strength training on your on other non running days.


thanks for that, I am like a bull in a china shop and tend to go at everything 100% but then stop but wanna keep this up. gentle steps on other days.


Well done... just follow the programme and take it gently. Please, do try to just stick to the run times.. you will be glad you did as the runs get longer... long cool down walks are just fine and plenty of other exercise on you rest days too:)

We have seen far too many folk come unstuck or ending up on the IC.... just enjoy the journey!

" Fast enough to get there, slow enough to see" :)


Thank you so much and yeah your right, slowly slowly catches the monkey. 2nd run of week 3 tonight :-o


Bulls in China shops need constraining. Departing too much from the tried and tested plan, is likely to increase injury risk, especially with a dodgy knee. You could try these nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Building your strength and stamina in a slow and steady manner, by following the plan will safely get you running for thirty minutes in just a few weeks. If this is to be a lifetime habit, what is the rush?

Good luck.

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Hiya and thanks. I work with some very fine physios who are into running big time and they've kindly given me some exercises to do. I will stick to the program as wanna get there safely. ;-)

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