What a great start to the day. I really wasn't looking forward to it at all. I had it scheduled for last night but got in from work feeling dreadful and actually went to bed. So up with the lark this morning and out for a run/walk/shuffle/collapse!

Well to my amazement I nailed it and didn't have to reduce my pace, the last minute or so of the last 5minute run was on or over my limit but I guess that is the point.

Please don't tell anyone and if you do I will deny it, but I am actually looking forward to run 2 this week.

Thank you all once again

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  • Ha Ha Well done CC !

    Dare I go as far to say you are maybe just maybe getting bitten by the bug ? :-D

    Keep going , love your posts, we are all behind you xxx

  • No!

  • Ha ha ! We shall see ! :-) xxx

  • He's lying like a flatfish - he's hooked already!!!

  • Nice one chump.

    Enjoy the next two and then it's time for the joys of week 5.

  • Well done Chumpy! I'm only one run behind you - do my R1Wk4 tomorrow, so it's inspiring to hear that you made it!! I'm also a bit apprehensive :P but one day at a time!!

    GO YOU!!

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