Week 3 done

And somehow managed to get round without falling over, hurting a leg, hopping, or generally making an ar$e of myself. Week 4 next, but still cant see how I can increase what i have to over the next two weeks. Or indeed enjoy the process, I've been surprised by how tiring I found it to date, and/or how difficult breathing still appears to be, still at least moving on a week means a change in the music, be thankful for small mercies... Everyone says 'trust the programme', I trust IT, its ME I still don't trust to have anything resembling will power! Still time will tell i guess, just wish I wasn't going so slow either!


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  • well done for getting this far... it does and will get better just persevere. My advice would be to slow it down until the breathing becomes more manageable...

  • dont think I CAN run much slower.. which is frustrating enough in itself...I have this mental image of me striding forward like a gazelle.. the reality more like me plodding along , being overtaken by small , slow moving objects like tortoise, slugs and snails..... serves me right for 'skipping' too much the aerobic parts of my work outs over the years...

  • Be patient, calm down. Rome wasn't built in a day. Just chill. Once you stop worrying about every little thing you'll find space in your head to think about the run immediately facing you

    You will get fitter if you keep running. You can't go from a standstill to sprinting like a gazelle in 9 weeks. It takes time. Your body has to be strong enough to support your running. Your lungs have to be powerful enough to see you through the sessions. That doesn't happen over night either. As you progress through the programme SLOWLY then these matters will be addressed. You can't run faster until your lungs and legs are ready.

    If you keep running then you will have proved that you do have willpower. My guess is that once you've cracked it you won't ever want to stop

  • who said I wasn't calm?

    I'm so laid back I am horizontal. Thats why the snails overtake me..

    willpower? moi? never....

  • HahaπŸ˜‚

  • You are doing fine AAM. Just take it slow and take it one run at a time.

  • that IS indeed what I am doing Dunder..

  • So funny πŸ˜‚ your post has cheered me up no end! Thought I was only with the not enjoying it thought process lol week 2 day 2 , so much positive support on this sight though which personally I find overwhelmingly reassuring. Don't worry mate if you fall behind I be behind you in a pot hole somewhere nursing my knees hip and ankle! Keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒ

  • Cheers Luna... If you hear a strange howling noise when you run, just be me, baying at the moon...

    But as the shirt no matter how slowly you /we run, you are still overtaking everyone on the couch.

    And the fact is, every SINGLE person on this forum with their shiny *GRADUATE πŸŽ“ * badges has been where you are right now. They may be prattling on about garmins and park runs and gait analysis like some foreign language but they KNOW where you are aha isn't one of them that doesn't want you to succeed as they have

    Keep with the programme and the fecking awful music...

  • haha. Thanks for the tips about the lingo, definitely a foreign language!

    I don't have a good phone, so no app which means the only music in my ears is the sound of my gasps, puffs and cries! πŸ˜•

    Thank you for the comments, great support here- lovely to make your acquaintance, from slug to snail πŸ˜‰ just getting my brain in gear for this mornings run before I hurl myself out of the back gate and achieve w2 d3 😊

  • Good luck I know you'll do it well, each run done a step forward, I'm due wk4 r1 tonight, slightly dreading it but once its done won't seem so bad I'm sure. Remember you'll always get good ones and bad ones ( runs that Is not people). Look no further than next run my motto

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