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Week 3 Done

I completed W3R3 today. The three minutes still seems like a lot to me though and I'm very nervous about W4. I'm expected to run two 3 min runs AND two 5 min runs??! Don't know how I'm going to be able to do that since 3 minutes still feels like forever!

So I'm able to complete the 3 min runs but the last run is a challenge. Should I attempt week 4 anyways to see how it is or should I stay at week 3 a while longer? I'm thinking I'll try week four but then if it's too hard do I go back to week 3 or just keep going at week 4 until I can complete it?

Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and somehow be able to complete W4R1.

Sherri :)

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Sherbear just go for it.......... But gently! :-) it is not as bad as expected.......



I had the same dilemma a couple of weeks back. At the end of each week I've thought I'm really not ready for the next week, but what the heck, I'll have a go anyways. And I've managed every one! Drop the pace if you're really concerned, but I'd say just go for it!


You can do it. Trust Laura! If I can do it at 66 you can easily do it. "Slow and steady" is the mantra.


Thanks everyone, I think I will definitely give it a try!


Its like you know me! I have been thinking EXACTLY the same! I'm due to start W4R1 on Friday and I'm very nervous as, like you, the last 3 main run is hard!!

Let me know how you get on...I think I'm just going to go for it!

Good Luck :-)


Just finished W4R1 and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. The final 5 min run was the toughest but comparable to the last 3 min run in week 3. Funny, the 3 min run today was very manageable which amazes me how quickly we can adapt. Good luck to you on W4R1, I think you should go for it! I did and I totally amazed myself.


Yep - me too! Did W3R2 today and, while I can do the 3 mins the last run seems to last forever. I am starting to wonder whether 3 mins is my limit......can I really progress beyond this?


I'm sure you will most definitely progress past the 3 min runs! For me, the 5 mins felt like the 3 mins last week and now the 3 mins don't seem nearly as bad. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised when you just take the plunge into week 4. Now that I've just completed W4R1, I feel a bit silly about how nervous I was, it really wasn't so bad. Good luck to you! Let me know how W4 goes. :)


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