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Week 3 done

A few days late, as Christmas got me in the end...

Still, all runs complete, and the first (90s) tended to be harder than the last (3m), which is much better than the other way around!

We'll see if I am, as the podcast claims, prepared to step it up to 3/5/3/5 next week. Judging by how slowly I am now jogging there is some cause for doubt, but then I thought that 2 weeks ago.

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You will do it - I think most of us doubt our abilities at the beginning but as you go further in the programme you will get more confident that you are ready for that next step. Good luck with week 4.


You'll surprise yourself! It seems like a big step but you'll be ready. Just keep a nice steady pace and you'll do it. :)


I'm one day after you (wk3 day 3 tomorrow) - maybe that will motivate you to not let me squeak past you!

Watch out - greenlegs is behind you!


Haha! You might just manage it as I'm moving house tomorrow. Already got some running routes scouted out on google earth though, so this is not the end!

And thanks for all the encouragement, guys :)


Welcome to week 4!!! I think Christmas did most of us in and we ended up off schedule for one reason or another. ;-) Don't worry about the slow jog, it's better to go slow and complete each run then to push yourself too much and you quit. Speed will eventually come... this is still something I'm working on! ;-) Gayle


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