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Another 5k done😆

Another 5k ran yesterday. Still can't believe I'm doing this, I know I keep repeating myself. Going to sign up for the pretty mudder next year. Not sure whether to do the 5k or 10k?

But then again if someone had told me in Feb that by may or be running 5k I'd have fell over laughing 😂. So think it will be 10.

Ans hoping to do the santa 🎅 fun run this year. Not plucked up the courage to do a park run yet as it's still taking me 40 minutes to do 5k!

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What 's wrong with 40 minutes for 5k? My goodness if I can do 5K in one hour, I will be celebrating!

Congratulation on your achievement. Less than 4 months and you are flying along. I am jealous !


Thank you. Think I just worry when I see loads doing it in 35 minutes or under. But yes it is such an achievement.

How far into the programme are you? It is a wonderful programme 👍


Yes absolutely wonderful. I had gone as far as W6R3, then had to stop for an op. I restarted after a few weeks, brushing on week 1/ 2/ 3/ 4, then redoing W5 fully and W6R1 last Monday. Bring on W6R2 for tomorrow! Can't wait.

I think once I start W7 I will feel like I am getting somewhere, sort of going forward. I can't wait to be able to say (in a cool or affected manner) "I run 5K today" .... 👑

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Well done you. I had a bit of a blip when I was ill. Had to stop for a week and found it hard to get back into it fully. I think just because I felt I couldn't do it for some reason! So I dread another I'll spell lol. Good luck, you can do it 👍


I agree, give parkrun a go, the time really doesn't matter and you will have a benchmark for your progress. Love a santa run, go for it !

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Thank you. I can't make a park run now until July!!! What with work and holidays 😭 my local ones are on Saturdays x


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