Another day, another 5k

Another day, another 5k

I decided to run another 5k after work today. It took me 44.5 minutes to finish, but I ran the whole thing. To add a bit more fun to this particular run, I registered for a virtual 5k. I have dubbed this virtual 5k as the "Lose Yer Booty 5k". Check out the bling and you'll see why. It was a beautiful fall run! The temperature was perfect and it was bright and sunny. great run!

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  • Well done that sounds lovely and you got a brilliant medal too! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Yeah, I like it too. What fun. Thank you!

  • OOh, covetous sigh! Gorgeous bling x

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Very cool bling! And sounds like a lovely run.

  • Thank you! It was lovely.

  • Nice medal!!! Well done. :)

  • Thank you!

  • lovely bling ! :D

  • Thank you!!!! Yeah, this is my favorite medal so far.

  • Loving that bling โ˜บ

  • I know! What a fun medal.

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