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The couch has reclaimed me!

Having completed week 1 and 2 fairly well, the wretched couch has forced me to sit back on it! Just before W2R3 I bashed my ankle on the couch itself but went on the run because it didn't really hurt.when I returned it was painful along with stiff knees. Stiff knees are now un -stiffening but my ankle keeps swelling up like a balloon especially in the evening.(I am on my feet a lot at work) .it is not that painful in the day but when it swells, it is. really want to start week 3 but instead I am just sulking on the sofa. Any advice apart from kicking the sofa ( with the good foot of course!) ?

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I guess the usual rest, ice, elevation stuff but also wanted to wish you a speedy recovery as I too am on the dreaded injury couch at the moment. Here's to being back out there soon 👍


Ah thank you, nice to know I am not alone on the's to our recovery! Will keep up with the ice packs.

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Frozen peas on the swelling 2 or 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time should help.

If you are on your feet at work consider a tubular support bandage on the ankle. Tubigrip is the leading brand but Boots do their own and I had a good experience with it.


Thanks for the advice.sounds like I need to use ice more frequently than I'm doing at the moment.i had a Tubigrip on today which helped a bit.


Oh dear, I know the feeling. It is so frustrating to rest. However make sure, 120% sure, you are fully healed before starting again. Then go slow, take it easy, and you will get there.


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