Couch to 5K

Finally off the injury couch and back to week 1 run 1 (take 3!) Yaaay!

So after recovering from a sprained ankle which took 10 weeks to heal I have finally completed week1 run 1 again! (For the third time!) Tried a few weeks ago with week 1 then sadly limped back to the injury couch as ankle was having none of it. Since then,I have been doing ankle strengthening exercises at every opportunity: in the queue at Sainsburys,waiting for the kettle to boil etc and it seems to have worked. At the same time I have been working on the old knees with squats and lunges whilst cooking the dinner, etc. So with trepidation,today I tried week 1 again and it was great! No pain at all or stiffness and because I have all ready done this run twice before,I didn't have the fear of dying before I completed the run.

Everyone's post and advice have kept me going these last few months. It really is such a friendly and helpful place to be. So for those of you on the injury couch,you will get there although at times I felt like I never would. I think it has helped me appreciate that although I think in my brain I am 21, my body will not run like a 21 year old and I need to take care and take it nice and slow.

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Well done!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay injury free! I am also starting on this Couch to 5K thing too and hope my body lasts the course too!



Well done and congratulations for getting back out there ;) I am so pleased to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel ;) I have only been on the couch 2 weeks and 3 days (Yes I am counting) Keep safe and happy running :)


Thank you and I hope you recover soon. I hadn't realised just how long a sprain can take to heal and it can be so frustrating but you will get there in the end.


Aw Welcome back ! So glad to hear you're back out there and pain free - Briiliant !

Happy running to you ! :-) xxx


Thank you so much.i am so excited to be able to start again and am really looking forward to completing the programme. No pain this morning either in the ankle (it can sometimes delay telling me that all is not well) so am really chuffed. 😊

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