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Finished week 8 and bust my ankle - I could cry!

Well, this has been a rollercoaster!

After my miserable post about finding week 8 hard, and then my happy post about getting my mojo back....... I had started to notice that my ankle was a bit stiff on Monday last week. Ran on Wednesday and it was one of my best, but Thursday the ankle was really sore. On Friday, I ran for about 10 seconds before I had to stop, my ankle was definitely too painful to run on.

It's still hurting :( Is it worth going to the GP or is it just a case of waiting it out?

Really want to get back to running, especially as the weather has suddenly turned lovely. Now that I can't do it, I really miss it! I have my graduation 5k run planned for Mothers' Day (31 March) but not sure whether I will manage it now :( :(

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Sounds like a GP visit is the order of the day.

Take care of yourself!


Owch, I think that calls for a visit to your GP, because even after resting its now worse. Get it checked out to be safer rather than sorry. Graduation can wait a while if it has to.


Thanks both, I will give the GP a call tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment.

I am trying to look on the positive side - missing my fix of running means that I know I definitely want to do it!


I've had my share of ankle problems 9 wk of it ! Get it checked & listen to your doctor & your body . You will graduate , but don't rush it .

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I conked my ankle and was out for a month. I didn't go to GP though. I just did the ice pack and elevation, oh and the odd painkiller. Once it felt better, and the swelling had gone down, I did some gentle ankle exercises. It's rotten luck but I think it happens to us all. I fell off a ladder on week 2 and put my back out!

I hope it's not serious and you can be back out there in no time


I feel for you and can understand you being upset that this injury could delay graduating. It sounds like you're determined so you will get back out there; just get that ankle sorted first. I hope you're soon on the mend.


I tend to agree with those who say GP visit. Not worth the risk of further injury by leaving it. Hope you are better soon. Best wishes.


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