just updating - wasn't looking forward to this. Did w 3 r4 on Saturday , as had missed a week for various reasons (sometimes life, family, work, relatives etc take over). Anyway , did w4 r1 today and it was not too bad (they say pain has no memory - I'm sure you other mothers will have sen told that after childbirth!!). Like others, during the 5 min run, when Laura chipped in, I was expecting her to tell me to slow down to a walk, but she was only telling me I was half way through the 5 mins! I was on the golf course, so had to keep changing direction to avoid the golfers (who lets them on when I want to run on the flat bits?) , so there were a few uphill bits where I was almost going backwards, I was so slow. Anyway, done it. You graduates must giggle at the struggles of us beginners (in a nice way of course) . I have taken 6 weeks to get to this stage, but it is amazing to me that I can actually do this - however pathetic it might seem to real athletes. So, everyone else, at the beginning or approaching midway through this programme - good luck, Keep going . AND I have just been able to buy and fit into size 16 knickers!!!

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  • Yay for knickers!

    'Real' runners laughing at people just starting out is like 'real' drivers laughing at the poor little learners as they stall on roundabouts: just not fair!

    Keep at it, and good luck.

  • Brilliant! We will know for next time during the first 5 minutes what Laura will say! It doesn't matter how bad it feels during a run - it's how you feel afterwards when you know you've achieved it! We CAN do this :-)

  • Yes WE CAN !!! Where are you on the programme, panda runner? My dog is getting fit too!

  • I did w4r1 this morning :-)

  • Hope to do next run Wednesday but have to pick up son from airport so it may or may not happen .

  • Mine won't be until Thursday evening now - unless my week changes! Saturday for r3. I have to work each week out individually! I do a fitness class on Tuesday which has really helped :-) Has your son been away somewhere nice?

  • Well done...I did run2 of week4 yesterday...like you really pleased at the progress...Happy running!

  • Fab! How have you found w4?

  • All of "us graduates" were not so very long along complete novices. The only thing I ran was meetings. Even Mo had to start somewhere! I have nothing but respect for every single person who starts this programme and for all of us who have stuck with it. I remember my first ever run about 11 weeks ago where I thought I would collapse and need the NHS to call an ambulance as a result of their stupid programme... I thought it was the most ridiculous idea in the world that I could be a runner. My knees hurt, I couldn't breath, I was so slow it was embarrassing, etc, etc... Now I'm training for a 10K race at the end of July!

    Well done for getting through this run! Pace can be worked on later... the important bit is "running motion" for the time period - not distance... Although people hitting golf balls your way might speed you up from time to time!

    Keep it up!

  • And just wait until you meet Julie in Week 8...

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