8.29 minutes for 1K

Got a window of opportunity this morning for a quick run. Happy and here I am, bragging !

Daisy, my TomTom watch , ( I should really call her Tommy), told me that I did 0.99k in 8.29 minutes. So say 1 kilometre for eight and a half minutes. I am chuffed. I was not tired at all and could have carried on for the next 20 minutes if the weather would have let me.

I should be able to Carry on from where I was before my op. I had finished week 6 run 3. So will redo the last run three on Tuesday then on to week7.

Now my question: I do my warming up as per Laura's instructions, meaning five minutes of brisk walk. It is ok in good weather, but what would you do if the storm and clouds are menacing and you just can't afford to loose 5 minutes? Is there a quicker way to warm up? Not to get an injury? Or did any of you just start jogging straight away?

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  • With my very limited novice knowledge I would say ALWAYS warm-up, I'd rather spend 5 mins than get an injury ... maybe warm-up indoors to on a colder day so I'd be warm before leaving home? Hope it helps :-) Yay there must have been just a little weather improvement for you?

  • Warm up as in walking on the spot or warm up as in exercises? Using the warming up exercises from Strenght and flex? I am not very knowledgeable on this sort of thing

  • I would do a warm up walk indoors, on the spot, maybe up & down the stairs (quite normal for me to go up/down in quick succession here) Classic pose being the "What did I come up/down for again?" How're you finding the S&F? Still not factored them into my day ...

  • S&F, same here. I went as far as doing part of the warm up I think. I mean to start it but it is always tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.....

  • Tomorrow/Today they all blur into one for me too :-)

  • ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Always a warmup walk. Even at my coldest run this winter (-22). Better to be a little miserable at the start than to hurt yourself.

  • -22, Runswithdogs, my goodness, do you visit Santa Klaus?

  • Ha. Wish I did, I could personally ask for more running gear. A friend pushed me into winter outdoor running - she said if we don't go out when it's cold or icy we'd have to stop running between October and March. That's half the year! And running in terrible weather makes you feel tough as nails and so accomplished when you get back in the door.

  • Yay, you managed to get out in between the storm clouds. You do always always need to warm up before you run. So that you avoid injuring cold muscles. However, there's nothing to stop you warming up indoors. 5 minutes brisk marching around your kitchen or jogging on the spot is all that's necessary to raise your heart rate a little and get the blood pumping in your muscles. You might feel a bit daft and scare the cat but that's better than not warming up at all. Good luck with resuming the programme :)

  • Thanks for this

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