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25 minutes? Really?

If you had told me when I started this that I would be running for 25 minutes without stopping or needing a respirator I think I would have laughed in your face. (Well actually I'm not that bad mannered but I wouldn't have believed you!)

So imagine my surprise that this week I have run for 25 minutes twice. I am still alive, not one person had to administer mouth to mouth on me and I didn't even find myself out of breath. I think someone may have implanted some kind of alien device in me or I am just dreaming these runs and waking up thinking I can run!!

Laura told me I was a runner on Tuesday and I think she could be right.

All in all a good week.

Have fun everyone :-)

Viki x

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Pretty good feeling huh? Well done! :)


Well done! You'll be a graduate before you know it,


I am waiting to get there but bloggers like you are helping me see the possibility. Well done.


You see - as soon as it happens TWICE you know you can do it!

Don't stop now vikicats - you are almost there!


Brilliant Viki, isnt it such a great feeling?! Now you know for sure 30 mins is so within reach.

Yep, we have all been hit by something and its not the flu bug, its the RUNNING BUG!!!

Best of luck for your next run!

Sue x


What a wonderful feeling!! It is so fun when "Can I do this?" turns into "I CAN do this!!" You just can't keep the smile from coming when you think about the progress that you have made, can you? :-) Enjoy it, you have worked hard for it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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