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25 bloody minutes! AAAaaaahhhhh!!!

After the desaster of the last run I wasn't to sure if I could do 25 minutes. I wanted to go out early in the morning because we were to get 30 degrees. No fun running when it's that hot!

Sadly our neighbours were celebrating a birthday and I could hear the bass music until way after midnight. And thanks to that didn't get up in the morning. In the afternoon I fell asleep again, but at least then was ready to go out. The sky was cloudy by now and the weather report spoke of rain and thunderstorms. I was determined to get this last run in before the bad weather. Even if it still was 26 degrees outside.

On with the trainers and out with me on the street! 5 minutes walk, then 25 minutes running without stopping... At least today it felt right from the start. Not like last time, where I knew this would be hard from minute one. I got through the first half really good. Steady pace, and even the wind I had from the side once I was outside of the woods couldn't bother me. I got a bit further than last time and turned around a few seconds before Laura announced the 12 minutes 30 seconds half-time. I wasn't sure if there would be this announcement, or if she would pipe up on the 15-minute mark. So I thought it saver to turn around early and know to be halfway, instead of having to walk another 2km home by the end of the programme would I have run a loop.

From that bit on I had to go uphill a little bit and that slowed me down. By the time I got to the point where I knew I turned around during the 20-minutes run last week, it was back to the "Okay, you can do this! Only to the next tree!"-game. Just make it to the woods! (I did). Now make it to the next clearing! (I did). And by then I was debating with Laura in my head. Dear Laura, I'll run to the end of the wood. If you haven't announced that I'll have only 5 minutes left by then, I'll walk! Lucky for me, she announced it a few hundred meteres before the end of the woods. Once I reached the end I only had a minute to go. Pushing through (on stupid uneven ground) and YEEEEEES!

It was still hot, and I probably would have collapsed would I have stopped moving, but I did it! I really ran for 25 bloody minutes! As Laura said sometime during this run "A few weeks ago you would never have thought you can do this" (or something like this. Really, I wouldn't!

And then, a few meteres before I reached the house, that brilliant sentence. "You are officially a runner now." Oh, thank you, Laura! Couldn't have done it without you!

My confidence is back, now on to week 7. Even if this means I have to endure the same podcast 3 times. The different once for each run in weeks 5 and 6 were a nice change. But you cannot have everything.

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Well done! I have done hardly any running in temperatures above 14 degrees, where on earth are you that it is so warm?


I'm in Austria. We had a few really warm days the past days.


Congrats to you, it feels great doesn't it :)


well done on becoming a runner


Smashing result, its wonderful when Laura's says, you are now a runner. Makes you feel so proud and confident that you really can complete the programme now.

Keep up the good work.


wow fantastic well done you. I'm due that run at the weekend - kind of dreading it but looking forward to it aswell. Keep going you are doing a great job.


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