Help! I need some inspiration

I need some inspiration and/or a kick up the backside. I graduated quite some time ago and have dipped in and out of running ever since. 6 months ago I did my first park run then kept it up in the gym until about 3 months ago. Life/family/work/health all got in the way and I now find I've always got some sort of excuse not to exercise.

I'm reading this back now and realising what a whinger I am. However any advice anyone can give me to help kickstart my running would be gratefully received! I know... Just get your trainers on woman and get out the door 😁


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  • You have taken the first step by writing the post and you know what you need to do and the benefits you will get from it. Pick up C25k again, going back to some of the earlier week's runs if you need to rebuild stamina and confidence. Make a commitment to post about your experience. Good luck.

  • Thanks! Just reading people's comments on here helps. Thanks for responding 😊

  • Kick up the backside being sent your way ;) Although I'm also going to got in the way for me too (a wedding and honeymoon is a good excuse right?) I'm not going to lie and tell you it's going to be easy (in fact I got really demoralised on how much fitness I'd lost) but it can be done! I'm now almost back up distance wise to where I was pre-wedding slide and just need the pace to catch up and I'll be soooooo happy! What's helped for me is knowing I have a race on the 9th June.....I'd paid and darn it I'm going to run it so I had to get the training in. Perhaps you need a goal? Whatever happens I hope you manage to get out there and start running regularly again :)

  • I think a wedding and a honeymoon are perfect excuses! How on earth could you run in your dress anyway that would be silly. 😁 Thanks for replying am feeling motivated and will be out running tomorrow. Good idea to have a goal too. Might give myself a date and attempt the park run again.

  • Just get your trainers on woman and get out the door!

    But I understand how it can be difficult. I lost a huge amount of weight a few years ago and had problem with family/work etc, and stopped concentrating. Then it all slipped and it took ten years to put the weight back on.

    Don't let that happen to you. Not the weight stuff, but with the running. Get out there and run again if you enjoyed it. Think how good it will be to finish another parkrun. If you have lost some fitness try doing week 4 again and see how you get on

  • I'm going! Well tomorrow morning I will be! Thanks for replying, really appreciate people taking the time to reply. I'd forgotten how good this site is. I think starting at week 4 is an excellent idea. Am looking forward to it 😊

  • Have you though about entering a race? Maybe a 10k?

    The training that you would need to do might add a bit of motivation.

  • Thanks for replying. I think you're right I need a goal to focus on. Think I'll focus on a date for a park run first and see how I get on. I need to make my running a habit again!

  • Ah come on mother know you want to!! It's the perfect time of year too. Think how much better you will feel, you'll have more energy not remember that? Remember the buzz you get from running? All good reasons to get them trainers set by the bed and do it! :) :)

  • You are so right I always feel better after a run. So I went out this morning and started week 4 again. Am so glad I did I feel so much better. Thanks for taking the the time to send me a message I really appreciate it 😊

  • Get a new outfit and just go out and show off.....

  • Now I like that idea! Next stop sports direct

  • Totally agree with nhs 2015 - get yourself some new running clobber! See running as a personal treat - the "me-time" three times a week does you the world of good. Ticking the boxes on each run is a real satisfaction, and before you know it you'll be hooked again. The first step is getting the trainers on and getting out the door. So off you go!

  • Great advice - thanks! Went out and did week 4 this morning and am feeling pretty good about it!

  • Fantastic, very well done MotherGoose. You'll be back to your former fitness in no time :)

  • I bet you'll be scratching at the door with your trainers the day after tomorrow. See? Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

  • I totally relate to this! I think you have to figure out what'll really motivate you enough to do it... we're all v different. So for me, I'm rubbish at forcing myself out of bed early for a run- I'm just not disciplined enough, so I'm hoping to at least commit to park run which is once a week. Also for me, having a goal that I couldn't really get out of helped. In my case I signed up for the Manchester 10k to raise money for the charity I work for... and there was no getting out of it! Because everyone knew I'd signed up! I now need something else to focus on so I'm looking at other events. Flat ones ideally.... good luck!

  • Thanks! It's not just me then. Have been out this morning and done week 4. Love this site everyone is so helpful. 😊

  • Go go go! Think of those endorphins and how great you will feel after!!!! Have you thought about doing some virtual races and getting some bling? It's great! Helping charities too and rewarded for your efforts! Now trainers on and go!!!!!!

  • I have! Started week 4 this morning and endorphins are kicking in! Thanks!

  • Kick up the butt MG. now sports direct and run. You will get back into it and then you will think what did I winge about lol good luck and keep posting :) J

  • Ran week 4 this morning and I think posting on here is a good idea. Will be going out again Tuesday and will post again. Thanks 😊

  • Yes, buy some new running gear and also sign up for a charity event... that'll get you out there.... or just read some of the motivational posts here... that always gets me going :-)

  • Totally agreed! Thanks for the message.

  • Posts are always good on here. All the messages I have had so far have been great. Thanks for the advice 😊

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